100% Money-Back Guarantee to Pass the CA Notary Exam*

 *6-hr seminar classes only.
Exam taken on the same day as the class.

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How to become a Notary Public in California
With us, you can do everything in one day at our class & same-day exam. 

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  • Take the class in person or on-line. (In-person is recommended)
  • Take the notary exam held the same day as the notary class.
  • Submit the notary application when you take the exam.
  • Submit your fingerprints (same day as the class if you choose).
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for state processing after recieving notification of passing the notary examination. - With us, you do nothing but wait.
  • We can help you with every step ... even after you become a notary!


How to renew your Notary Commission

You ready for another 4 years? We're here to make this process seamless, fast and afforadable.

  • Take a 6-hour seminar or the 3-hour refresher seminar up to 2- years prior to your current commission expiration date
  • Or take your seminar at home by going through a 6-hour or 3-hour notary video course or home-study coursebook
  • Take and pass the notary exam any time up to 1-year before the commission expiration date
  • Complete the additional steps as listed above for new commissions


Why should you consider becoming a notary public?

There are a lot of reasons to become a notary public.. here are a few.

  • With us, it is very easy to do and takes one day of your time.
  • Notaries serve their community with a valuable service.
  • Being a notary can be a big advantage on employment applications.
  • Notaries have an reputation of trust and professionalism.
  • Notaries  are in demand- especially in California.
  • Notaries in business can make their own part-time schedule.
  • Notaries can be very advantageous to an employer.
  • Notaries can start a mobile notary and loan signing business.
  • Let us help...
  • Take the exam with us even if you have taken a notary course with another educational company. No problem...we can help you!