The California Notary Exam is taken on the same day as the seminar.

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The CA Certified Notary Class includes immediate access to our 3 hour or 6 hour notary video course free; several downloadable easy-to-read formatted study guides; hundreds of sample exam questions and even notary games!

How to become a Notary Public in California

Take the California State Notary Exam on the same day as the seminar. Just follow this easy step-by-step process.

  • Register for a 6-hour seminar or take any of our notary courses at home.
  • Take the notary exam held the same day as the seminar.
  • Submit the notary application when you take the exam.
  • Submit your fingerprints (same day as the seminar if you choose).
  • Wait for your commmission to arrive by mail once your application is successfully processed by the Secretary of State.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for processing after recieving notification of passing the notary examination.


How to renew your Notary Commission

You ready for another 4 years? We're here to make this process seamless, fast and afforadable.

  • Take a 6-hour seminar or the 3-hour refresher seminar up to 2- years prior to your current commission expiration date
  • Or take your seminar at home by going through a 6-hour or 3-hour notary video course or home-study coursebook
  • Take and pass the notary exam any time up to 1-year before the commission expiration date
  • Complete the additional steps as listed above for new commissions


Start Preparing for the Notary Examination Now! *See FAQ's above for our 100% Pass the Exam Guarantee.

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  • Notary Registration,
  • Notary Seminar Books and Materials
  • Access to Notary Prep Video Courses
  • Downloadable Notary Study Guides and Notes
  • California Secretary of State Notary Handbook 2016 PDF
  • Five Sample Notary Exams
  • Online Notary Learning Games


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