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If you are selecting a notary seminar date and location, you will be able to change that class to a 3-hour class on the check out page. Physical directions to the notary seminar locations are emailed to you along with your confirmation of seminar registration. You will be given an option of purchasing notary supplies and the passport photo during this registration process.

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Questions You May Have

6 Hour or 3 Hour Class 6-Hour vs. 3-Hour Notary Seminars

We have 6-hr notary seminars (9am-4pm) and 3-hr notary seminars (1pm-4pm).

All first time California notary applicants must take the 6-hr notary seminar but if you are currently a California Notary Public, you may take the 3-hour re-fresher course up to 2-years prior to the expiration date of your current commission and you may take the  notary exam up to 1-year prior.

  • The cost for the 6-hr notary seminar is $69.95. The cost for the 3-hr notary seminar is only $10 less but only the full 6-hour seminar includes the pass guarantee! You will also need to pay the Secretary of State $40 by check or money order on the day of your seminar for the application fee and notary examination. The Secretary of State will not accept cash or credit card. 

  • You will need to have (1) passport photo which will be submitted with your application to the Secretary of State when you take the exam. For your convenience, we can take the photos at the seminar location for $10. You may purchase that passport photo in advance right now when you select the notary seminar you wish to attend.

  • These are the only costs you must pay to take the notary seminar and exam! $69.95 for the seminar, $40 to the Secretary of State for the application and exam and if you want us to take your passport photo on the day of the seminar, and additional $10.

  • There are other costs but these fees are not required until later in the commissioning process and can be spread out as you feel  comfortable. 

Live Scan Services $80

    • As a convenience, you may choose to complete the required live scan during the seminar as we will have a contracted live scan service provider at the seminar site. All notary applicants must eventually submit live scans (fingerprints) to the DOJ and the FBI prior to commission approval, so if you want to take advantage of that service, it will be available for you. The amount for the live-scan is $80 and the live scan company will provide details for payment during the seminar. 

Notary supplies 

  • Notary seal $22

  • Notary Journal and pad $19.31

  • Notary Bond $38 (not sold by NotaryClasses)

Notary supply packages

  • You may choose to purchase notary packages now or during the seminar. Our notary packages will save you money while providing you with excellent services. The best package (Premium) includes a hard-cover notary journal and thumbprint pad, (2) two notary seals,  one - full year of notary-in-the-field  support by telephone, a notary CD with many difficult to find notary forms, a notary ID badge, additional notary acknowledgment and jurat forms, and two (2) wallet-sized oath cards to be used for for various required notary oaths. This package is $94.95. 

  • We also have an essential notary package for $54.95 which is designed for those notaries requiring the basic items only like a soft-cover notary journal and pad, the notary seal, the notary forms CD and two oath cards for credible witness, certified copy of a POA, proofs of execution and jurats. 


  • In summary, the only costs you must pay to take the notary seminar and exam is the seminar fee of $69.95 or $59.95, the passport photo (if we take it for you)  ($10) and the $40 payable to the Secretary of State.


6 Hour or 3 Hour Class When Do I take the Exam??

The State Notary Exam is given at the end of all notary seminars and will cost an additional $40 made payable to the Secretary of State on the day of the class. The exam consists of 30 questions which are multiple choice. Registering on this site for your notary class will also automatically register you for the California State Notary Exam.

6 Hour or 3 Hour Class Can I obtain Study Materials now?

The moment you select your notary class and complete registration, you will be promted to download our free Pre-Seminar study guide to your computer. You also qualify to take our Free and immediate Notary Video Courses by logging into Student Services after registration.

6 Hour or 3 Hour Class Do you have any sample notary exams?

Of course we have free sample notary exams! How about 5 of them? All free! If you want to maximize your experience and notary knowledge before class and even after you pass your exam, you are always welcome to come back home to!  



6 Hour or 3 Hour Class How can I become a Certified Notary Loan Signer?
If you want to specialize as a Notary Loan Signer, take this FULL DAY class which will focus on the expectations of a Notary Loan Signer. If you are already experienced as a notary and want to obtain certification as a Loan Signer, you can take the certification exam on-line (open book) anytime after you take this course.


More Notary Questions?
Call us! 800-873-9865 1-day class & state exam! "Directions" for each class location will be automatically emailed to you with your registration confirmation.
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