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Anaheim Plaza/Loan Signing Class
Sunday, February 12
Sunday, April 2
Sunday, June 11

Cupertino/San Jose
Sunday, February 26
Sunday, April 9

Sunday, February 19
Sunday, March 12

San Bernardino- 10 fwy & 215 fwy
Sunday, January 8
Sunday, March 12
Sunday, May 7

6-Hour vs. 3-Hour Notary Courses?

All first time California notary applicants must take a state approved 6-hr notary seminar or a self-study course, but if you are currently a California Notary Public seeking to recommission, you may choose to take either th 6-hour course or a 3-hour refresher course instead. In order to qualify for the 3-hour refresher course, you need to take the course and pass the notary exam before your commission expires.

If you qualify and want to take the 3-hour notary course, select any date and location here and you will be able to change the course to the 3-hour course on the next screen that follows. The 3-hour course is given on the same day and in the same location as the 6-hour course but the 3-hour course begins at 1:00 pm. instead of 9:00am.  If you are taking the 3-hour course, please arrive by 12:15 pm for registration processing. If you register for a 3-hour course but change your mind and want to attend the full 6-hour course instead, you may do that at no extra fee.

When Do I take the Exam?

All of our live notary seminar locations are pre-approved by the Secretary of State and the exam proctors will arrive at around 4:15 PM immediately following the seminar. You will have 50 minutes to complete 30 questions, multiple choice and will need to score a minimum of 70% to pass. The best news is that our 6-hour seminar even includes the "Pass the Exam Guarantee" !

How do I take a Notary Seminar and same-day exam?

Register here for your notary seminar course and same-day notary exam. This seminar course includes registration for the notary exam so you do not need to contact the Secretary of State. The fee includes the cost of all study materials at the seminar, the administrative costs of processing your required Proof of Completion that you will need to submit to the Secretary of State with your exam. Everything you need to submit your notary application to the Secretary of State can done on the day of the seminar at any of our scheduled locations including taking the state-proctored notary exam.

How do I complete the Notary course at home if I do not want to attend the live seminar?

It is important to note first that the California notary examination cannot be taken on-line or at home but must be taken at an state-approved exam location. If you choose to take an on-line course or a course at home, you will still need to go in-person to a state-approved notary exam location to take the notary exam.

If you simply would prefer to study for your exam on your own time and then register for the exam only, we have two types of self-study programs that will satisfy the California Secretary of State educational requirements. First, we offer a state approved 6-hour or 3-hour notary Video course you can take online at home or your office. Watch the video in any order you want and complete whatever excercises you choose. Request your Proof of Completion ($10 admin fee) and you are ready to take the notary exam without having to attend the live seminar.

You can also choose to use our Notary Home-Study Coursebook. Purchase either the 3-hour course or the 6-hour course and then read through the coursebook at your convenience. When you are ready, request your Proof of Completion for that course ($10 admin fee) and then use that Proof of Completion to take your notary exam.

Can I take the notary exam at one of your locations if I do not take the live seminar with you?

Absolutely!  Whether you take one of our self-study courses or even if you take a notary course from another provider, you may take the the notary exam at one of our exam locations. The registration fee for securing a seat at one of our seminar locations if you have completed either one of our self-study courses is just $39.95 . You will need to arrive at 3:45pm to take the exam only to finalize registration process but may choose to arrive earlier if you like. You will need to bring the Proof of Completion ($10) you received for your course with you on the day of the notary exam. If you prefer, you can choose to attend a live seminar up to 90 days after date of purchase of a self-study course and we will credit the $30 you paid for that course.

If you have completed a notary course from any other educational provider, whether a home-study course or seminar, you may still take the notary exam at our locations. The registration fee will be the same as our regular seminar fee because maximum seating capaciy for notary exams is limited by the Secretary of State. You will need to bring the Proof of Completion you received for your course with you on the day of the notary exam.

How much does everything cost?

  • The cost for  our live notary course seminar is $79.95 and includes the cost of all study materials at the seminar and the administrative costs for your Proof of Completion that you will need to submit with the notary application. You can have everything you need for application submission at our seminar site if you take the exam with us. The Secretary of State does charge separately to process the notary application and the notary exam so you will need to pay the Secretary of State $40 by check or money order on the day of your seminar. The Secretary of State will not accept cash or credit card.
  • For your convenience, we can take a passport photo at the seminar location for $10. You need to submit (1) passport photo along with your application to the Secretary of State when you take the exam and may choose to purchase that passport photo in advance right now when you select the notary seminar you wish to attend.
  • We also have live-scan services available at all of our seminar locations.. The cost of the live-scan is $80 and is payable on the day of the seminar. If you are taking the 3-hour refresher course at home or your office, you may have your live-scan completed by coming to the location before 12:00 PM. After your live-scan is complete, if you have registered for the exam on that day, feel free to join us for the rest of the seminar at no extra charge.

In-Class Notary supply package?

Our discounted price for our in-class students is only $79.95. ($180 value)

In order to take advantage or our special discounted price, you may choose to purchase notary supplies now or during the seminar.  We do not offer this discounted package on-line in any manner. This package is available only for our seminar registrants and can be picked up in class. It may be purchased now upon registration our at the class.  This notary package at the discounted price of $79.95 includes:

  1. An Official Notary Journal ($24 value)
  2. The required thumbprint pad ($6 value)
  3. Your Notary Public Seal ($24 value)
  4. Pad of 50 Acknowledgments ($12 value)
  5. Pad of 50 Jurats ($12 value)
  6. Your Notary ID Badge ($25 value)
  7. 2-Notary Oath Cards (wallet size) ($10 value)
  8. 1-year free listing on our exclusive advertising platform - The Notary List ($55 value)
  9. And as a Free Bonus, we include the Essential Notary Forms CD (Not available as part of a notary supply package on-line) ($15 value)

Can I obtain FREE Study Materials now?

The moment you select your notary class and complete registration, you will be promted to download our free Pre-Seminar study guide to your computer. You also have free access to both the 3-hour and the 6-hour notary video courses as well as various notary educational games you can play. We also have a 30-minute study guide available to download as well as the entire Secretary of State's latest verson of the Notary Public Handbook.

Do you have any sample notary exams?

Of course we have free sample notary exams! How about 5 of them? All free! If you want to maximize your experience and notary knowledge before class and even after you pass your exam, you are always welcome to come back home to!

How can I become a Certified Notary Loan Signer?

If you want to specialize as a Notary Loan Signer, take this FULL DAY class which will focus on the expectations of a Notary Loan Signer. If you are already experienced as a notary and want to obtain certification as a Loan Signer, you can take the certification exam online (open book) anytime after you take this course.

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