Become a California Notary Public in One Day Video Practice Exams


From anywhere you are....Choose to take the AM session on one day and the PM session on another day, or take the entire 6-hr class all in one day.

INCLUDES a link to the video of your entire class so you can review anytime you like afterwards. Watch, study, stream anytime you like just before taking the exam. Video will be off for everyone except the instructor. ...But how do I take my Exam?

How do I split the class into two sessions if I do not want to complete the full seminar in one day? Recommissioning Notaries

State-Approved Online
Video Course $79.95
3-hr or 6-hr same price!

Online State-Approved video course.

You will have 120 days to complete this online course so take all the time you need.

THIS ONLINE VIDEO IS INCLUDED FREE WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR THE ZOOM VIRTUAL NOTARY SEMINAR! You can also purchase this course by itself if do not want a live instructor experience as with the ZOOM Notary Class....But how do I take my Exam?

3-hr ZOOM ROOM notary workshop...Just $79.95

OPEN TO EVERYONE! Another popular ZOOM ROOM with a live instructor notary course. Taking this course before you take your notary exam could be the ultimate exam prep opportunity but ABSOLUTELY, FOR SURE, TAKE THIS COURSE BEFORE you start notarizing in the real world. Join the instructor live as we notarize a Deed of Trust, commom loan signing documents, affidavits, Copy Certifications, translations and fill out your journal properly. We will use Credible Witnesses, work with Power of Attorney signatures and even learn how to use Apostille services in your own notary business. "Let's Notarize". APN Loan Signing Certification Course

Official Home-Study APN Loan Signing Certification Course
Discounted from $150 to $100

The cost of this course includes the Loan Signing Certification exam which you also take at home and on your computer.

This Home Study course is not a ZOOM class. You will read through the course book at your convenience, and when you feel you are ready to take the certification exam, you will do that from your own computer.
Consider taking this Loan Signing Certification Course along with the ZOOM ROOM Notary Workshop class for even more preparation for the certification exam.

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Notary Identification Badge
now just $25 - All States

We need a copy of your state commission form, your digital picture (any head-shot picture you want to use is fine) and ID information so we can make your Notary ID Badge. Your ID Badge includes your Picture, your Name, your Commmission State, Commission Number, Expiration Date and includes the professional logo of APN&CSA for notaries. MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT DOES NOT HAVE YOUR ADDRESS!. This is a special limited-time price so take advantage while it is here.