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How much does it cost to become a notary with us?
  • We are a one-stop-shop to do everything required in just one day ALL in one place! guarantees to have the lowest over-all costs to become a Notary and Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent in California and we have the ABSOLUTE MOST pre-seminar notary exam preparation options included in our program than anyone Guaranteed!

    ..start studying immediately, right now, today...

  • Required costs: $79.95
    Registration fee for the seminar. Your registration includes a reservation for the state notary examination. Get immediate access to the Student Services link for sample notary exams, study guides in English or Spanish, 18-notary course videos and quizzes covering virtually any notary subject you might see on the exam ...all free!
  • $40 State Exam Processing Fees
    Must be paid to the Secretary of State on the day of the exam by check or money order only.
  • Optional costs: pay today or on the day of the seminar
    Passport photo*
  • $79.95 your notary seal & supplies package*
  • Payable on the day of the seminar $80 live scan fingerprinting*
* Passport photo - all notary applicants must submit a passport-style photo to the Secretary of State. We will take those on the day of the class. Pay $10 now or on the day of the class.

* The optional notary supplies package including the notary seal-
This deeply discount option includes the notary seal, a notary journal, thumprint pad, acknowledgment and jurat pads, a notary forms CD or electronic file with 29 common forms, a notary identification badge good for all four years of your commisson, free national advertising listing for mobile notaries, and a set of (2) oath cards all discounted from $183 value to just $79.95. This is not available anywhere else online and is only available to our notary seminar attendees at registration or in the class.

* is one of the only seminars offering fingerprinting via Live Scan at all of our 6-hour notary seminar classes. The cost is $80 which includes all required fees to the FBI and the DOJ. All notary applicants must complete a live-scan specific for the notary application for a criminal background check. You must have a live scan before your notary application will be approved...use our one-stop-shop on the day of the class!  

TAKE CARE...Some live scan services are quoting over-the-phone very low fees for live scans but they are not including in those fees the cost for the DOJ and the FBI processing. When you arrive to their location they will add those additional fees onto the price. Our $80 covers ALL LIVE SCAN COSTS AND ALL FEES and the live scan is done on the day of the class. Super easy and very straight-forward.

If you want to go on an become a Certified Notary Loan Signing Agent, we can help in a big way! On the day of the seminar, we can give you a $50 discount to the Loan Signing Certification Class for those wanting to start their own notary loan signing business. Any notary can choose to become a Certified notary loan signing agent and can make $10k-$15k per year part time with their own business working 2-3 hours per day. Busy, full-time notary loan signing agents with their own mobile notary business can make $60k - $80K and the most successful make even more than $100k per year. These are very realistic numbers! Set your own your own business...we can help!



Take the class & exam on the same day. Class at 9 am and exam proctors arrive at 4:15 pm

How can you become a Certified Loan Signing Agent?

If you take our notary seminar, you can recieve a discount of $50 towards the loan signing certification course during your notary class.  If you always wanted to start your own business and be on your own time schedule, becoming a mobile notary or loan signing agent may be a good choice for you.

Take your notary class and exam first. Then, on another day, take the loan signing certification course to begin your own mobile notary business. We never offer this course on the same day as your notary class and exam because we offer far too much information in our loan signing courses. Never accept less than a one-day loan siging course.  Do it right the first time! We have helped thousands of first-time notaries start their own mobile notary and loan signing buiness. Let us help you! 

  • Take the loan signing course in our class location or...
  • Take the loan signing course at home by reading the book.
  • Take the loan signing certification exam at home.
  • The in-person course fee is discounted to $100 for our notary students if you register for this course during our notary seminar. This includes the cost for the exam which you take at home on your computer when you want.

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