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California Notary Seminar and Exam

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Notary Seminar
Same Day State Exam

PASS THE STATE NOTARY EXAM GUARANTEED! $79.95 See Guarantee details and summary of costs including the $40 State exam fee. See all California Notary Classes by date or location. All 6-hr Notary Classes start at 9am & the 3-hr Refresher class starts at 1pm. The state exam proctors arrive at all of our locations at 4:15pm, so take the Notary class first and the exam on the same afternoon! Video Practice Exams

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We have included in your notary seminar FREE online notary courses, videos, sample exams, study guides, notary prep games and lots of exam prep materials so you can start studying today. Take the first of our 5 Video Sample Notary Exams for Free. A total of 5 exams, 50 questions all with video commentary by your instructor. Take them all as soon as you register for an online course or a live notary class. Recommissioning Notaries

Take a 3-hr or 6-hr Class

You can choose to take the course RIGHT NOW from your computer with our 3-hr ONLINE NOTARY COURSE or you can take the 3-hr or 6-hr IN-CLASS option. You can even take the on-line option and choose to take any part of the in-class on the day of the state exam. APN Loan Signing Certification Course

Official APN Loan Signing Certification Course

All of Our loan signing instructors must have at least 20 years of experience in loan signing to teach this class. This is a 1-day class and the cost of this class includes the cost of the Loan Signing Certification Exam! We even include marketing strategies for you to begin your own mobile notary or Certified Loan Signing business.

Notary Practice Workshop
Real Documents - Real Notary Seals & Journals

3-hours of instructor-led, in-person, notary practice. We will notarize Deeds of Trust, Grant Deeds, Affidavits, and we will use Credible Witnesses for ID, fill out real journals with thumbprints, complete and seal notary certificates, use a Power of Attorney and even discuss Apostilles.