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Renew my Notary Commission

To recommission every four years, you must:
Take a Notary Refresher Course & the State Exam.

You can complete your course in our LIVE CLASS & SAME DAY EXAM or take the course ONLINE.

Live Class & SAME-DAY STATE EXAM Options

Online Options

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APN Loan Signing Agent Certification Class

If you take our Notary Class and Same-Day Exam at any of our locations, you qualify to register for the Loan Signing Certification Class for just $100! You will have the opportunity to submit and pay for your discounted registration anytime during the day of your notary class.

A Certified Loan Signer
is a Notary who has passed Certification qualification which is meant  to demonstrate that they have acquired specific knowledge about the unique Notarial requirements especially related to Loan Documents. Most Certified Loan Signers are independent entrepreneurs who typically start off their business by charging  between $80 to $120 per Loan Signing assignment, but experienced certified Loan Signers will charge as much as $250 per assignment and a busy Loan Signer will have 2-3 appointments in a day.

This makes a terrific opportunity to start your own full-time or part-time business that you can set any schedule you like.

Most Certified Loan Signing Notaries also provide additional mobile Notary services for hospitals, convalescent centers, estate planning attorneys and directly to individual clients at a coffee shop or their homes, although those fees are usually much less than for Loan Signing documents. Still, the combination of the two can be quite satisfying for a Notary that operates their own business and comes with the tax advantages of business owners as well.

It is currently taking the Secretary of State about 5 weeks from the date of the Notary Exam to complete the Notary Commissioning process. During that time, you can begin preparation to start your own Notary business by becoming Certified as a Notary who specializes in Notarizing loan documents. Notaries who specialize in providing services to lenders, escrow companies, title companies and Loan Signing agencies will need to demonstrate to these potential clients that they have become familiar with the unique protocol and documentation specific to Loan Documents.

We have a Loan Signing Certification Class available and you can take that class anytime, but we highly recommend you take that class during the 5-weeks you are waiting for your Commission to arrive.

How to become a certified Loan Signing Notary after you take the Notary class:

  1. Take the Loan Signing Certification Course
    1. If you register for the Loan Signing Course on the day of your live Notary Class and Exam, we offer a $50 discount from our regular price of $150 so you only pay $100.
    2. After the loan signing class,you will take the Certification Exam at home on-line. There is no extra charge to take the Exam.
    3. Upon passing the exam, we will send your Certification to you.
  2. We suggest that you take this class while you are waiting for your Notary Commission to arrive so you will have both ready to go when you start your Notary business.       


Our Loan Signing Class also helps you with starting your own Notary business

  1. The class includes a listing of around 90 different companies to start your advertising.
  2. A discussion of how to get started with mobile Notary clients like estate planning attorneys and hospitals. 

Please note:  We NEVER, EVER provide a Certified Loan Signing Class on the day of the Notary Class and Exam and we will NEVER do that.  To offer a Loan Signing Class immediately after the preparation class for the Notary Exam taking the Notary Exam itself would be unprofessional, in our opinion- and is absolutely NOT advantageous to those of you who are trusting us to help you with starting a successful loan signing or mobile nnotary business.
Our Certified Loan Signing Classes are always held from 9:00AM - 4:00PM and usually on a Sunday to avoid week-day traffic and work-related schedules for most people. You may choose to take a Loan Signing Class any day after the Notary Exam with us, even the next day if the class is available. We do not believe that taking 2 or 3 hour Loan Signing Class at the end of a day of exam preparation is not to your benefit in any way.

We do offer a Loan Signing Home-Study course as an option, be we highly recommend the Live Class over the Home-Study. In either case, you will take the Certification Exam at home and it is open-book. 

Here are the options for taking the Loan Signing Certification Course:

  1. If you are taking a Notary Class with us, wait until the day of your Notary Class so you can receive a $50 discount to register for this Loan Signing Class for the discounted rate of $100!
  2. If you are not taking a Notary Class with us, you can register for the loan signing class here for $150.
  3.  If you prefer to just read the text and then take the certification exam without going to a class, you can purchase the online Loan Signing Course here.

Your Certification exam is always taken at home and is open-book.

Log-in here when you are ready to take your Loan Signing Certification exam.

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About the Notary Practical Application Workshop


You passed the Notary exam and received your Notary Commission and now you are ready to Notarize! Awesome, but now what? Don’t start Notarizing before you take this class.

  1. Do you know what to do if….?
    1. The signer’s name on the document does not exactly match the name on the ID?
    2. The Acknowledgment or Jurat forms wording does not include the proper California wording? (Do not just add a loose certificate unless you have to!)
    3. The Notarial certificate is missing altogether and the client does not know which Notary protocol to use? (Do not make the selection for the client!)
    4. The signer is signing documents using a Power of Attorney for someone else?
    5. The signer needs to use credible witnesses for identification? (Do not just turn them away! It is very easy to use Credible Witnesses.)
    6. The thumbprint in the journal is smeared or not readable?
    7. The document requires you to give a Jurat oath or affirmation?
    8. A client needs help to obtain an Apostille for international documents?
    9. The document is in a language you cannot understand?
    10. The signer needs a copy of a Passport Notarized or Certified? (Be careful on this one especially!)
    11. The document needs a Copy Certification by Document Custodian procedure.
    12. How to record all of the required information in the journal when you used two credible witnesses? (Easy to do if you know how.)
  2. This 3-hour Practical Application Workshop will help you get your confidence built up fast! You will spend 3 hours Notarizing all kinds of documents in all sorts of situations including…
    1. some common Loan Signing documents,
    2. Power of Attorney,
    3. Affidavits,
    4. Grant Deeds going to another state,
    5. Copy Certification by Document Custodian and lots more. 

We encourage mistakes in this class so you will avoid those mistakes later.

There are no exams in this class. It is 100% PRACTICAL APPLICATION EXPERIENCE using real documents, real Notary Seals, real Journals and using oaths for Jurats, Credible Witnesses and a lot more. 

Know what to do and how to do it before you make mistakes and lose clients or worse. 

This 3-hour Notary Practical Application Workshop is the class EVERY NEW NOTARY should take. It is open to anyone, even if you took your Notary class with another company.


See the Practical Application Notary Workshop Schedule here. Class is always 1:30pm – 4:30pm. $75

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About the 6-Hour and the 3-Hour California Notary Seminar

See Class Schedule

Once you register for a 6-hour or 3-hour live notary class, you will have immediate access
to all of our study videos and study guides if you want to start preparing today.

You can start studying at home today. We have hours of videos, on-line notary exam-prep games, on-line sample notary exams, and printable study guides to prepare for the exam - all included when you register for a notary class.
As soon as you complete registration, log-in here to access all of these study tools.

Here is a short video to learn about becoming a notary in California, or you can find a summary below.

Fees to know about:

$89.9579.95   All Notary seminars and on-line Notary courses both 6-hour and 3-hour (pay upon registration today);
$10.00   2”x2” passport-style photo  (payable now upon registration or on the day of the class);
$40.00   State exam and application fee (payable by check or money order to the Secretary of State on the day of the class & same-day exam);
$80.00   Live Scan for the Notary Application - Includes DOJ, FBI and Live-Scan fee; (payable by check, credit card or cash only on the day of the class & same-day exam).

We have a $100+ discount for Notary supplies only available for persons taking our Notary course
You can purchase supplies now upon registration. This purchase is refundable with our 100% Pass the Exam Guanrantee!

Purchase now and your notary supplies package will be ready for you to pick up on the day of the class.

The $100+ Discounted Notary Supplies Package is available only to our seminar registrants and includes all of the following:

  1. Your Official State Notary Public Seal ($24 value)
  2. An Official Notary Journal ($24 value)
  3. The thumbprint pad for obtaining thumbprints in the journal($6 value)
  4. Your Notary Identification Badge ($25 value)
  5. A package of 50 Acknowledgments ($12 value)
  6. A package of 50 Jurats ($12 value)
  7. Two Notary Oath Cards (wallet size) ($10 value)
  8. A Free listing on our exclusive notary & loan signing advertising platform -The Notary List ($55 value)
  9. And the Essential 31 Notary Forms CD - available as a download as well. ($15 value)
  10. Our students also receive a $50 discount for the Loan Signing Certification class if you are interested in starting your own notary business.

No other company comes close to the savings and the terrific service we provide all the way through your commissioning process.

Here is how our 100% Pass Guarantee works: No hassles .... no problems... you will pass the notary exam and we guarantee it!

If you register for and attend our 6-hour notary seminar and do not pass the exam, retake the seminar and exam up to two additional times with us at no charge.
The Secretary of State will charge $20 to take the exam, but if after these attempts within 150 days of taking the initial seminar and same-day notary exam you do not pass the exam,
we will refund 100% the amount you paid today for your seminar as well as all of the notary supplies purchased from us today or at the seminar.
We are proud to say that NO ONE - in the almost 20 years of the history of our business has ever needed to take advantage of this!
That is a terrific endorsement for the quality of our classes.

Legal requirements to become a Notary in California

To become a Notary Public, California requires:

  1. The applicant to be at least 18 years old;
  2. Have a primary residence address in California and a Social Security number;
  3. Take either state-approved notary course in-person or online;(We offer both but we strongly encourage taking a live class).
  4. Pass a 30-question multiple choice exam – the exam must be taken in-person at an approved exam location (all of our locations are approved);
  5. Pass a DOJ and FBI criminal background investigation via live-scan fingerprints specifically for the Notary Public application.(Available with us on the day of the class & exam).

Steps to take to become a Notary Public in California

  1. If you are not currently a California notary public, you must first, take state-approved 6-hour notary course;
    1. You can register for a live-class here.
    2. Or you can take the course on-line (We offer both but we strongly encourage taking a live class).

The Secretary of State is currently taking from 5-6 weeks to grant notary commissions.

How to Renew your Notary Commission in California

  1. If you are a current California notary public, you should start your re-commissioning process around 4 months before your current commission expires. If you are not sure when it expires, check the expiration date on your notary seal. To recommission, you can choose to take a live 6-hour or a 3-hour course; (We offer both but we strongly encourage taking the 6-hour class regardless of how long you have been a notary.)
  2. If you do take the 3-hour course, you must also pass the exam (in-person only) before your current commission expires or that 3 hour course will not be valid and you will need to take the entire 6 hour course.
  3. You can also choose to take the on-line.

Our 6-hour live-classes includes with a 100% Pass-Guarantee

  1. Everything you need to do to become a notary is done in 1-day at our 6-hour in-person class
    1. You will complete the notary application on the day of the class.
    2. You will be able to submit your fingerprints via live-scan on the day of the class
    3. You will automatically be registered to take the state notary exam on the day of the class. 
  2. Our 6-hour on-line notary course can be converted at no extra charge to a live 6-hour class at any time up to 90 days from purchase.
    1. You will take the course at home and will be allowed to take the exam at any of our class locations once you are ready to take the exam. Pre-registration for the exam is required because of seating limitations.
    2. Once you have completed the on-line course, you will receive a Proof of Completion which you need to take with you to take the notary exam.
  3. Rescheduling a class.
    1. The SOS limits us on the number of seats we are allowed to have occupied in any class for the state exam.
      Hey-things happen...we get it. You can reschedule your class once, but you can reschedule your class FOR FREE as long as you do that 7 days before your class date. If you need to reschedule within 7 days of your class date, the rescheduling fee is $30. If you do not show up to a class that you have been registed in, and have not rescheduled pror to the class date, your fees for the class are forfieted. We cannot waive the rescheduling fee for any reason other than documented emergencies like fire, flood, auto accident or hospitalization. No other exception apply. If you need to reschedule, please do so before the 7 days prior to the class date to avoid the $30 rescheduling fee. If you need to reschedule your class, you can do that from the student services link or call us at 909-915-1201.



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