Class Schedule

Once you completed registration for a notary class, you are automatically registered for the notary exam. If you want to start preparing now, go to Student Services to access all of the free pre-semianr study tools including videos, sample exams, study texts and the 30-minute Study Guide.

If you are currently a notary needing to recommission, you may choose to attend the entire 6-hr class or switch to the 3-hour course option during checkout.

See Directions for class locations.
There are no classes scheduled for this area at this time.

Renewing your Commission?

We do offer ADDITIONAL 3-hour classes from 1:00pm to 4:15pm at all of our other 6-hour/3-hour class combination locations.

Find those additional 3-hr classes here.

If you are currently a California notary, you can choose to take a 3-hr class or a 6-hr is up to you. In order to qualify to take a 3-hr course, you must be currently commissioned as a notary, take your course and pass the exam before your current commission expires.

If you are not a current notary public, you must take the 6-hr course instead.

The classes on this page are 3-hr classes only with no option to take a 6-hr class.

Costs to know about...

Class Seminar - $79.95
This cost includes immediate access to sample exams and the full video course for pre-prep if you choose to use them.

Exam fee - $40
You will need to bring a check or money order in the amount of $40 made payable to the Secretary of State for your examination.

Passport Photo- $10
You need to submit (1) photo along with your notary application to the Secretary of State when you take the exam. We will take the required photo at the seminar location.

Live Scan -$80 (Available on the day of the seminar)
We also have live-scan services available at all of our seminar locations in the morning. The cost of the live-scan is $80 and is payable on the day of the seminar.

The exam is taken on the day of the seminar and at the same location. You must bring a valid driver's license from any state (not a digital copy or a paper extention) or a valid passport from any country. The only other acceptable identification for the exam is a valid military identification card.

More questions? 800-873-9865