Class Schedule
for the
Loan Signing Course

9am - 4:15pm

Once you completed registration for a notary class, you are automatically registered for the notary exam. If you want to start preparing now, go to Student Services to access all of the free pre-semianr study tools including videos, sample exams, study texts and the 30-minute Study Guide.

If you are currently a notary needing to recommission, you may choose to attend the entire 6-hr class or switch to the 3-hour course option during checkout.

See Directions for class locations.

Loan Signing Certification Course

If you are wanting to become a Certified Loan Signing Notary and start your own business, or you just want to start a mobile notary business for everyone, this is the certification class that will prepare you to pass the loan signing certification exam. This class is 9am - 4pm and is designed for anyone wanting to offer thier notary services as a certified loan signing notary public.

This is a full-day loan signing class where your instructor has years of experience in this field. This class is awesome. Consider registering for this class while you are waiting for your notary commission to arrive.

If you already purchased this class during your notary seminar and did not select a date to attend, you will need to call admin at 909-915-1201 in order to schedule your class date. If you try to register here, the system will charge you $150 again and we don't want that to happen. Just call us M-F 9-5 and someone will assist you. They will have a record of your registration.

*See available Loan Signing Class locations and dates.

This course IS NOT state notary seminar.