Class Schedule

Notary Class Schedule: 6-hr class - 9am - 4:15pm
                                           3-hr class - 1pm - 4:15pm
State Notary Examination:                            4:15pm
Loan Signing Class Schedule:                  9am-4pm

Anaheim Live Scan Class
Saturday, June 24

Redlands/San Bernardino Live Scan Class
Saturday, May 27
Saturday, July 8

How much does everything cost?

The cost for our live notary course seminar is $89.95 and includes:
  • The required 2"x2" application photo taken at the class.
  • 3- Online Sample exams.
  • 3-hour or 6-hour online video instruction tutorials.
  • 30 minute study guide and pre-seminar manual download.
  • Online notary educational games.
  • Online electronic flash cards.
  • All seminar study materials.
  • The seminar Proof of Completion.
  • The CA state notary application with instructions.
  • $50 discount on the loan signing class.
  • $100 discount on our notary supplies.
  • Live phone support M-F 9-5 Except Holidays.
Exam fee - $40
You will need to bring a check or money order in the amount of $40 made payable to the Secretary of State for your examination.

Passport Photo- NOW included with the seminar price for class registrations taken after April 17, 2017!
For your convenience, we will take the required photo at the seminar location at no charge. You need to submit (1) photo along with your application to the Secretary of State when you take the exam.

Live Scan -$80
We also have live-scan services available at all of our seminar locations.. The cost of the live-scan is $80 and is payable on the day of the seminar. If you are taking the 3-hour refresher course at home or your office, you may have your live-scan completed by coming to the location before 12:00 PM. After your live-scan is complete, if you have registered for the exam on that day, feel free to join us for the rest of the seminar at no extra charge.

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