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How much does everything cost?

Our Notary Seminars are $89.95 whether you are taking a 6-hour class or a 3-hour class if you are recommissioning!
The 3-hour Notary Seminar & Exam is on the same day and location as the 6-hour seminar, but the 3-hour course begins at 1:00pm. The 6-hour course begins at 9:00am. Our price includes the seminar and all of these extras:

  • 3 Online Sample exams.
  • 3-hour or 6-hour online video instruction tutorials.
  • 30 minute study guide and pre-seminar manual download.
  • Online Notary educational games.
  • Online electronic flash cards.
  • The seminar Proof of Completion.
  • The CA state Notary application with instructions.
  • $50 discount on the Loan Signing Class.
  • $100 discount on our Notary supplies.
Other costs to know about...

Exam fee - $40
You will need to bring a check or money order in the amount of $40 made payable to the Secretary of State for your examination.

Passport Photo- $10
You need to submit (1) photo along with your notary application to the Secretary of State when you take the exam. We will take the required photo at the seminar location.

Live Scan -$80 (Available on the day of the seminar)
We also have live-scan services available at all of our seminar locations in the morning. The cost of the live-scan is $80 and is payable on the day of the seminar.

To become a notary public in California, or renew your commission, select the Notary Seminars & Exam dates. The exam is taken on the day of the seminar and at the same location. You must bring a valid driver's license from any state (not a digital copy or a paper extention) or a valid passport from any country. The only other acceptable identification for the exam is a valid military identification card.
Seminar cost is $89.95 & includes:

All seminar materials and forms on the day of the class & all of these extras immediately!

  • You have immediate access to download the entire 6-hour seminar material in a print form or right on your screen so you can begin reading through all of the seminar topics ... today.
  • You have free access for up to 1 year to the entire 3-hour or 6-hour online video Notary Course anytime you want. Search by topic anytime, especially if you need help remembering something even after you are a Notary.
  • Access right now our online electronic Notary flash cards and many other Notary games.
  • Access right now & download of our compact 30-minute study notes to get up to speed fast.
  • Take advantage of our unique Pass the Notary Exam Guarantee- included with the 6-hour live seminar class.
  • Immediate access to take a variety of sample Notary Exams available online.
  • Live phone support for registration and commission assistance every day, M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm. Call and someone will answer your questions live.
  • Si quieren, hablamos Español tambien.

More questions? 800-873-9865
Notary Workshop Hands-On Class

Take this practical application class anytime after you have taken your Notary Seminar and Notary Exam. Practice Notarizing with an instructor before you take your First Assignment!

This is a 3-hour Notary Practice Hands-On Workshop. We encourage making mistakes in this class. Every new Notary should take this class before they actually start Notarizing, especially employee Notaries or Notaries starting their own business as a Mobile Notary.

Our notary instructor will guide the workshop class and you will act as the Notary... We will Notarize signatures for:
  • A California Deed of Trust using an actual Notary Stamp.
  • A hand-written Limited Power of Attorney.
  • An Affidavit of Care for the state of New York.
  • Certify a Copy of an Original Power of Attorney.
  • Enter at least four Notary procedures in real Notary Journals.
  • Practice oaths and obtain thumbprints in the journal records.
  • Learn about using a Copy Certification by Document Custodian procedures.
  • Enter identification documentation information in the Journal.
  • Use credible witnesses including oaths and proper journal entry.
  • Change Notary Jurat wording for New York to California wording with a stamp.
  • Learn how to handle requests to Notarize a translation.

*See available Notary Practice Workshop locations and dates.

This course IS NOT the state notary seminar.

Loan Signing Certification Course

If you are wanting to become a Certified Loan Signing Notary and start your own business, or you just want to start a mobile notary business for everyone, this is the certification class that will prepare you to pass the loan signing certification exam. This class is 9am - 4pm and is designed for anyone wanting to offer thier notary services as a certified loan signing notary public.

This is a full-day loan signing class where your instructor has years of experience in this field. This class is awesome. Consider registering for this class while you are waiting for your notary commission to arrive.

*See available Loan Signing Class locations and dates.

This course IS NOT state notary seminar.