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By the way, if you complete this course, you can take your notary exam with us at any of our seminar locations. You can even choose to come in any part of the day for a review before taking the exam. Come in for 1-hour or all 6-hours, it will be up to you. Just contact administration to schedule your exam and let us know if you want to come in early. You can even change your mind (within 150 days of purchase) and take the class instead of this online course at no extra charge.

Once you completed registration for a notary class, you are automatically registered for the notary exam. If you want to start preparing now, go to Student Services to access all of the free pre-seminar study tools including videos, sample exams, study texts and the 30-minute Study Guide.

If you are currently a notary needing to recommission, you may choose to attend the entire 6-hr class or switch to the 3-hour course option during checkout.

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