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Applies our 6-hour in-person notary seminar
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How to become a notary public in California


Take a 6-hour or 3-hour* state approved California notary course, then take the state notary exam on the same day.  

Seminar registration also includes immediate free access to the our 6-hour or 3-hour on-line notary courses and sample exams right now.

*3-hr courses apply to recommissioning notaries only.

NOtary Class and Exam Schedule

"I passed the exam with 93% . Your instruction was terrific and simplified a lot of materials so it was very easy to remember…by the time I took the test, I breezed through it. The answers practically jumped off the test booklet." Anaheim 2016

"I took the class and I passed with a 90%. Thank you."  Sacramento 2016

"I took your class on 03.12.16 and I passed the exam. Thank you so much for the amazing class! Five stars and triple AAA!! I knew how hard to cover all in a limited time, but you did it and made it perfect. Thank you..." Pasadena 2016

Want to become a certified notary loan signing agent? We can help.

Start your own mobile notary business as a certified loan signing agent. Registration for this course during our notary seminar can save you $50 off of this class registration fee.

We never offer the loan signing class and the notary class on the same day as it is impossible to cover everything we believe you need to know about loan signing in just a couple of hours. We never compromise quality of our materials for the sake of time or increased registrations. Our loan signing classes are always 9am - 4pm or available in print.

Notary seminar & exam schedules.

6-hour notary seminar dates and locations: 9am-4pm

3-hour notary seminar dates and locations: 1pm-4pm

We also have two types of on-line courses.

Online 6-hour or 3-hour notary courses.

Printable 6-hour or 3-hour notary home-study courses.

If you register for any online course and decide within 90 days to attend the in-person notary seminar instead, we will credit the full price you paid for the online course so you only pay the difference.


The California State Notary Exam is a state proctored, closed-book examination and  follows the in-person notary seminar on the same day an in the same location. The California Secretary of State will require a separrate check or money order for $40 on the day of the exam or $20 if you are retaking the exam. You will have 50 minutes to answer 30  multiple choice questions. Passing score is 70% or more.

If you are taking either one of the two types of online coursees at home, please note that the notary exam cannot be taken at home but you can register for the exam directy with the testing proctors or tby pre-registering for the exam only at one of our seminar locations for an additiional $49.95. In-person notary seminar registration of $79.95 automatically rincludes the examregistration fee.

The Loan Signing Certification Exam  

is taken at home, online and is open-book. You wil have 50 minutes to complete 50 questions with a passing score of 80% or greater. There is no state requirement to be certified as a loan signer, but becoming certified is important to your potential clients as well as provides important practical signing information that cannot be covered during the notary exam. The cost to take the Certified Loan Signing examination is included in the course registration fees whether you take the home study course or the in-person seminar.

Details for the Pass the Exam Guarantee for the 6-hr notary seminar, 3-hr on-line course and the loan signing seminar are here and also in the FAQ section along the top of this screen.

Live Notary Classes $79.95 - 12  California locations!   State exam fee $40- payable to the Secretary of State on the day of the exam.
Notary Video Course $29.95  The state notary exam must be taken in person. You may register to take the exam at our seminar location and we will credit you the cost for this course.
Notary Home Study Course $29.95   The state notary exam must be taken in person. You may register to take the exam at our seminar location and we will credit you the cost for this course.
Become a Certified Loan Signer $150  or discounted to $100 if you are taking a live notary seminar.  Register for the special $50 discount during our live notary seminar. This offer valid for our live semiar notary students only.
Pass Guarantee 6-Hour Notary Seminar & Exam

Notary Study Guide Download a pre-Seminar Study Guide and begin.

California Notary Application Download the California Notary Application

Check your notary exam results on-line.

How to become a notary public How much will everything cost?

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Try our free practice notary exams Try our free practice notary exams.

How to become a first-time notary :
1) Register for a 6-hour seminar or take our prep course at home;
2) Take the notary exam held the same day as the seminar;
3) Submit the notary application when you take the exam;
4) Submit your fingerprints (same day as the seminar if you choose);
5) Wait for the Secretary of State to send your commission by mail;
6) Take your oath of office and  record your bond by mail or in-person at the county clerk's office;
7) Request your notary seal by mail.
How to renew your notary commission:        
1) Take a 6-hour seminar or the 3-hour refresher seminar up to 2- years prior to your current commission expiration date;
2) or take your seminar at home by going through a 6-hour or 3-hour notary video course or home-study coursebook;
3) Take and pass the notary exam any time up to 1-year before the commission expiration date;
4) Complete the additional steps as listed above for new commissions.

Seminar fees $79.95 which includes registration, seminar books and materials, open and immediate access the notary prep video courses, downloadable study guides and study notes, downloadable PDF of the California  Secretary of State Notary Handbook 2016, access to five notary sample exams, online notary learning games and a $50 discount on the Loan Signing Certification course for those who want to start a professional loan signing services business.


More Student Comments - 2015

First of all, thanks so much! Like I said to you, you were phenomenal. You know I had prepared myself a little before today, but listening to you was 10 times better. The examples help very much, so we can all picture perfectly the scenario as opposed to reading so much theory. The test went fine.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and thought your presentation was entertaining and productive. Although there was a lot of material to cover in 6 hours, you made it palatable and interesting. The material you covered was well targeted to the test and I am assuming that I did well on the exam (smile).

I want to thank you for being such a great teacher. I enjoyed the class very much. Loved all your little tricks. I got a 100 on the test. Once again you're GREAT.

I passed the exam! Thank you very much for teaching this class..

Your class was very informative and given a an easy to follower manner. I was a NY notary for over 20 years and NY and CA and night and day when it comes to what is required. The class was very run in a very organized and professional manner. Thank you so much!

Thank you for a great class today. It was filled with lots of great questions and very helpful information. I appreciate all your knowledge it was more than I anticipated. It has been one of the best presented and so well received than the ones in my past Notary prep classes.Thank you for an enjoyable 6 hours.

Since this is my 3rd time doing this, I have quite a bit of comparison, and while the other instructors in the past have been great, I can honestly say you were the best. Thanks much!

Your class was the first notary class I took that I actually could follow and learn. I've been a Notary since 1987