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Question 22

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22) A notary’s failure to properly carry out the required duties as a notary can result in which of the following?
a) Commission suspension or revocation.
b) Possible criminal prosecution.
c) Personal liability.
d) All of the above.



Correct answer: d

Notarizing signatures on a document is not very difficult but some notaries in the past have engaged in fraudulent activities which have been so serious as to cost the victim significant financial loss.  Be sure to follow the essential rules when notarizing signatures:

  1. The person must be physically present when notarizing a signature.
  2. Always be sure to obtain proper identification for every signature notarized.
  3. Complete all notary wording and journal entries during the notary process and when the notary seal is affixed to the document.
  4. Never falsify information including dates or names on any document.
  5. Provide the journal to a peace officer when required.
  6. Respond to the Secretary of State in the time frame requested.
  7. File your journals with the County Clerk’s office if you resign the commission or choose not to seek recommission.
  8. Don’t engage in the practice of law unless you are an attorney.
  9. Don’t fill out immigration forms for a client unless you are qualified and bonded as an immigration consultant.
  10. Don’t engage in false or misleading advertising.
  11. Don’t charge more than the maximum allowable fees which are $10 per signature for Acknowledgments and Jurats (these two notary acts incorporate 98%+ of every notary act performed) not including travel charges.

Following these simple steps will virtually eliminate the potential for personal liability and almost all fines and penalties.
In short,

    • Be honest in everything.
    • Follow required notary procedure.
    • Notify or respond to the Secretary of State on time.


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