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Sample Notary Exam 4

Question 23

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23) Failure to compete the acknowledgment at the time the notary seal and signature are affixed to a document can result in what penalties?

a) $500 fine and a possible infraction
b) $750 fine and possible suspension or revocation of the notary commission.
c) $1,500 fine and a possible misdemeanor.
d) $10, 000 fine and a possible felony.



Correct answer: b

  1. Failure to obtain an ID from the signer.

  2. Failure to complete the acknowledgment at the time of notarization.

  3. Failure to complete the oath or affirmation in a jurat procedure.

  4. Failure to provide information to the Secretary of State when required.

  5. Failure to properly maintain the journal or seal including giving one or the other to someone else out of your presence or failuing to obtain information in the journal.

  6. Charging more than the prescribed notary fee.


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