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1) A notary who charges more then the maximum allowable fees may face what penalties?
a) $750 fine
b) $750 and $1,500 fine
c) $750 fine and suspension or revocation of the notary commission
d) $1,500 fine and suspension or revocation of the notary commission

Correct answer: c


    $750 fines include notary negligence and overcharging for notarial services.

    1. (Negligent) Failure to obtain an ID from the signer.

    2. (Negligent) Failure to complete the acknowledgment at the time of notarization.

    3. (Negligent) Failure to complete the oath or affirmation in a jurat procedure.

    4. (Negligent) Failure to provide information to the Secretary of State when required.

    5. (Negligent) Failure to properly maintain the journal or seal including giving one or the other to someone else out of your presence or failuing to obtain information in the journal.

    6. (Negligent) Failure to complete notary services when required such as when someone presents themselves to you at your notary public office (not your home).

    7. Charging more then the prescribed fees.


Please refer to the summary of fines discussion here if you did not get this question correct.


Additional note: Suspension or Revocation
As a general rule of thumb, almost all violations carry a potential for suspension or revocation of the notary commission. There is also a mandatory suspension of not less than one-year of the notary commission for translating the term Notary Public directly into Spanish or improper/ illegal advertising. (See question 2)


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