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Question 2

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2)  The first offense for translating the term Notary Public into Notario Público or Notario can result in what penalties?
          a) Permanent revocation of the notary commission and a $1,500 fine.
          b) Suspension of the notary commission for 1 year and a $1,500 fine.
          c) Suspension of the notary commission for 1 year and a $750 fine.
          d) Suspension of the notary commission for 1 year and a $2,500 fine.



Correct answer: b

          The listing of violations which carry a $1,500 fine are as follows:

  • The use of false or misleading advertising.

  • Translating "notary public" directly into Spanish (against the law) or violating other rules regarding the advertising of notary services in other langauges.

  • Completing a notary act without being a commissioned notary.

  • Immigration specialist or consiultant violations including restrictions on charging to assist in the completion of immigration forms.

  • Dishonesty, fraud, or deciet with the intent to substantially benefit the notary public or another, or substantally injure another.

  • Unauthorized manufacture of a notary seal.

  • Execution of a certificate that a notary knows to be false. Please note that if a notary falsifies an acknowledgment, this becomes a $10,000 fine and a felony.

  • Failure to notify the Secretary of State of a lost or stolen notary seal.

          It is important to remember that a notary may not translate the term Notary Public directly into Spanish. A notary may also not advertise as both a notary and an immigration consultant and if a notary advertises his or her services in any non-English language, the notary must post the following in both English and the non-English language: “I am not an attorney and, therefore, cannot give legal advice about immigration matters or any other legal matters”. The notary must also post their fees which cannot exceed the legal fees for their services.

Violations of these restrictions will result in a suspension of the notary commission for not less than 1 year on the first offense and permanent revocation on the second offense. Each of these also carry a fine of up to $1,500.

Please refer to the summary of fines discussion here if you did not get this question correct.


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