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Question 4

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4) Failing to complete the acknowledgment at the time the notary signature and seal are affixed to the document can result in what penalties?
          a) $750 fine and suspension or revocation.
          b) $1,500 fine and revocation.
          c) $10,000 fine and revocation.
          d) $2,500 fine and suspension or revocation.




Answer a) $750 fine

$750 Notary Negligence: The notary forgot, did not know or did not have time.

  • Failure to obtain an ID from the signer.

  • Failure to complete the acknowledgment at the time of notarization.

  • Failure to complete the oath or affirmation in a jurat procedure.

  • Failure to provide information to the Secretary of State when required.

  • Failure to properly maintain the journal or seal including giving one or the other to someone else out of your presence or failuing to obtain information in the journal.

  • Failure to complete notary services when required such as when someone presents themselves to you at your notary public office (not your home).

  • Charging more than the prescribed fees.


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