3 On-line Notary Exams

The following 3 on-line exams are provided free of charge or obligation by our instructors at NotaryClasses.com . This is the beginning page for all three exams.

To begin, check the "I agree" box and then select the "Continue" button. When you return to this on-line test #2 and #3, you will need to repeat the process for each.

You have 50 minutes to take the exam. There are 30 questions. A passing score is 70%, just like the official exam.

After you take the exam, you will find out your score along with the questions you missed and why. You may select to have your results emailed to you or simply view them on line.

This exam is absolutely free. There are no obligations of any kind and we will not require an account or your email (unless you want your results emailed). Just take it and test your notary knowledge. Good luck and have fun!

WARNING! The entire content of all three exams are copyrighted and may not be copied, duplicated or used in any manner without the express written permission from Daniel C. Jones, Notaryclasses.com. Any illegal usage of these sample questions which includes but is not limited to textual modifications or textual re-arrangements will be prosecuted fully and immediately and financial restitution will be sought. By your taking this exam, you agree to not copy, distribute or use these exam questions in whole, part or modified in any manner and that you understand the legal consequences for violation of this agreement.

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