This section is for the Notary Home Study Course Only. If you would like to take a "Live Seminar" Notary Class which includes automatic registration for the California State Notary Exam given on the same day as your seminar, please select this link for "live seminar" class options.

Taking this complete 6-Hour On-Line Notary Course is FREE!

If you do not wish to obtain your Certificate of Completion, simply take this course without further obligation. Discover the new 2006 notary laws or just brush up on notary requirements and protocol. This on-line course is absolutely free as an educational service to the community of Notaries and Loan Signers!

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** All California Notary applicants are required to submit a Certificate of Completion before a Notary Commission will be granted. If you are planning to become a Notary Public for California, there are only two (2) ways to receive a Certificate of Completion:

1)The Secretary of State requires all notary applicants to complete an approved 6-hour Notary course, even if the applicant has been commissioned previously. Once completing a 6-hour class, subsequent re commissioning in 4 years will only require a 3-hour refresher course. All of our Notary courses are approved by the Secretary of State for meeting this requirement. If you take your 6-hour course by attending one of our live notary seminars, at the end of the 6 hour seminar, your Certificate of Completion will be delivered to you. When you register for a 6-hour Notary class at one of our many locations, you will automatically be registered to take the California State Notary Examination which always follows the seminar at the same location. You will need submit the Certificate of Completion along with your Notary application to the State Exam Proctors. Our staff members will be present to assist you with any questions during this entire process.

2) The second way to receive your required Certificate of Completion is to complete the required 6-hours of study at home or in your office at your convenience. You will be required to sign an affidavit stating that you took at least 6-hours to complete the course before we can grant you the Certificate of Completion. Our Notary Home Study Course also been approved by the Secretary of State so your Certificate of Completion will allow you to complete your commission process just as if you attended a live seminar. Simply follow the instructions found in the Notary Home Study Course and fax over the included Registration form and affidavit to 909-388-1796. Once you have received your Certificate of Completion, follow the instructions included in the course for locating a test site in your area. Be sure to take your Certificate of Completion with you to the test site. California has hundreds of testing sites and dates all over California so finding a testing location will be simple. Of course, you may always choose to test at one of our locations by registering for a live notary class in your area. If you elect to take your notary exam at one of our locations, please be sure to register first or the staff will be unable to allow you into the facility for testing.

Please note that the fees for our "Live Seminars" include the administrative costs of issuing your Certificate of Completion, however; since there is no charge to complete the Notary Home Study Course, we do charge an administrative fee of $29.95 for issuing your Certificate of Completion if you intend to use this Home Study Course without attending one of our "Live Seminars" to satisfy your educational requirements. To request your Certificate of Completion using the Notary Home Study Course alone to complete your 6-hour educational requirements, please follow the instructions below.

Do you need your Certificate of Completion NOW?

Step 1
Complete the 6-hour Notary Home Study Course now.
This is the entire California Secretary of State Approved home study course which you may complete in order to satisfy your 6-hour educational requirements. Please complete the following steps in order to obtain your Certificate of Completion and note that there is an administrative fee of $29.95 for preparing and mailing your Certificate of Completion.

Step 2
Print out the Home Study Registration Form and Affidavit of Completion
(Open in PDF format. If you need help with opening this page, call us at 909-915-1201)

Step 3
Purchase your Certificate of Completion
(A copy of this course will be sent to you by mail or email as a back-up copy for your future records & review upon purchase. We cannot process your Certificate of Completion unless you submit proof of purchase along with the Registration and Affidavit)

Step 4
Fax the signed affidavit, purchase receipt for the Certificate of Completion
& registration to 909-388-1796



This Notary Home Study Course is copyrighted and may not be copied or used in any form without the express written permission from Notaryclasses.com Illegal use or duplication of this copyrighted material will be prosecuted immediately and without reservation. DO NOT duplicate any portion of this material on any web site or in any publication unless first obtaining written permission to do so. Violations will not be tolerated!

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