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Marketing and Sales Opportunites now! is successful because we help other notaries and loan signing agents become successful! Now, our affiliate program offers you income possiblities even before you become a notary!


Start your own marketing business and we will be your first client.

Refer a new student to register for a notary class and we will pay you $30!

Refer 2 new students to register for a notary class and we will pay you $60!

Refer 10 new students to register for a notary class and we will pay you $300!

Refer 100 new students to register for a notary class and we will pay you $3,000!

You get the idea....


How does the affiliate program work?
As an affiliate, contact friends who are re-comissioning notaries or contact escrow and mortgage companies or advertise our classes to others around you who would benefit from our Notary Class and your referral earns you money when they register. Create your own marketing business and we will become your first clients!

What steps do I need to take?
Create your own affiliate logo or download ours and place it on your website. If you don't know how, we will create a website for you.

(To download ours, right-click and save to your computer)

Once you have placed the logo onto your website, contact us at 800-873-9865 and we will provide you with your personal affiliate link to be used with the logo. Now, just direct all of your contacts to your site instead of Once your referrals are in your site, they simply click your affiliate logo and enter into If that person registers for a class, our system automatically records the affiliate number associated with registration.

What if I do not have a website?
If you do not have a website, we will create a site for you, place the logo and ensure that your affiliate link is working.

Does this really work?
We have many affiliates right now and it really does work! Affiliates are paid every month for every referal registering for a notary class. We even give you access to a live report available on-demand just for your affiliate number.

How much can I make as an affiliate for
As with any business, it will depend upon your efforts at marketing and business saavy. We have created a short chart for you to get an idea of what you could be paid per year based on varying number of average registrants per week.

Average number of registrants per week
Amount per year

How long does it take to become an affiliate?
The set-up process can usually be completed within a few minutes even if you need us to create a site for you.

Are there any limitations for the affiliate program?
To qualify as an affiliate, you must register with us as an affiliate, obtain your affiliate number and your affiliate site must be live. All students must register for a notary class through your affiliate site. The first two students registering through your affiliate site will not be eligible for affiliate payments. You will need to sign the following affiliate agreement and send it back to us.

Can you show me an example of an affiliate site?
Absolutely! Go to our affiliate sample site . Notice the NotaryClasses logo? When you click on that logo, you will notice that the page you go to includes the affiliate number associated with that page. Our system records this number if the visitor registers for a notary class. Even if this visitor returns to later (within 30 days) the system will still recognize the visitor as your registrant.

Is the process complicated?
This program is amazingly easy. It takes a very little time to set this up and all you need to do is begin marketing.

Who do I call with more questions?
Call us at 800-873-9865




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