Notary Classes

If you would like hands-on notary practice and ideas on how to get started in the notary business, this class is for you. We begin this exciting 3-hour class by building your confidence as a notary as you practice notarizing different types of common documents requiring notary acts. Next, we will introduce to you advertising and marketing strategies that you can begin using right away. Learn how to find new clients and how to keep them as your clients. Take this course anytime after your notary test...even if you have not yet recieved your results. It is only 3 hours and well worth your time.

You may choose to attend the 3 hour class here if you qualify. 1) You are a current commissioned notary public and your current commission expires sometime after your class date. You may take your notary exam up to 1 year prior to the expiration of your current commission. 2)If you do not pass the notary exam prior to the expriation of your current commission, you will be required to take the 6 hour class, even if you took the 3 hour refresher course prior to the commission expiration date. If you meet these requirements, you may elect to take the 3-hour option. Please arrive at the seminar site at 12:15pm for afternoon classes. Anyone arriving after the class begins will be required to reschedule.

On-Line Notary Video Course

1- Year Notary Phone Support

Private Notary Class via Skype in your home or office.

Hard plastic PCV credit-card size oath cards that can be used for reference whenever you need them. If you cannot remember what oath you should use for the Credible Witnesses, Subscribing Witnesses, Jurats or need to remember what identification you can use, just refer to these handy portable oath cards.

If your place of business has employees wanting to pass the Notary exam, let us come to you! Small group classes are available at your place of business and at your convenience. We will even schedule your state notary exam to be given at your business location immediately following the class.(Subject to CPS restrictions and availablity).
  • Small group charge is $995
  • Please call 800-873-9865 to schedule.

  • Private Notary Class via Skype in your home or office.

    Private Loan Signing Class