The class fee is $79.95 and the fee for the exam is $40. See below for details. Got a question? No Problem. Call us at 800-873-9865


How much does it cost to become a notary with us?
    You can do everthing you need to do in one location on the same day at our notary seminar and same-day exam. EVERYTHING! Here are the costs you need to know about.

    Required fees for the seminar & exam
    6-hr or 3-hr seminar $79.95
    -Required for registration-

    Take the notary exam $40
    -Required but to pay only on the day of the seminar-

    Total required costs to take our notary class and the California State Notary Examination on the same day: $119.95

    Pay $79.95 now at registration and bring a check or money order with you on the day of the class made payable to the Secretary of State in the amount of $40 to take the exam. We will have the required notary application and the live scan form there for you to complete. You will also have a chance to take your passport style photo in class ($10) and purchase a specially discounted notary supplies package including the journal, seal and much more at a deep discount from $183 down to $79.95 just by registering for our notary class. No requirement, but a terrific offer if you choose. See below for details about what is included in this package.

    Additional information about costs.
    Submitting a Passport Photo with your application is required. You can pay now or on the day of the exam or bring your own. $10

    A Livescan Background Check is required by the Secretary of State. We have that available on the day of the class. $80 -Payable on the day of the seminar by check, cash or credit card or you may use a different provider later.

    Optional Supplies Discounted Package $79.95 -You can choose to purchase this deeply discounted package at registration or on the day of the class if you wish. No requirement to purchase this with us but the price is discounted for our students only from $183. You cannot buy this package anywhere else or online. You can only qualify for this discounted package when you register for our class or on the day you attend. See details below for the products and services included in this specially discounted package.

    We offer the absolute highest quality experience at the such a low cost because we do not rely on enormous advertising budgets for clients. We have been providing these classes for around 20 years now and our classes fill up fast because of the positive experience of others who have attended and then tell their friends and colleagues. No other provider comes close to providing all of the attention including the many FREE ways to study before the seminar. We are here to make sure you pass, and we hope you will also tell others when you do! Help keep our costs low for others as well.

  • Details for costs
    The seminar fee is $79.95 for either the 6-hour or 3-hour seminar. You may choose to attend a 3-hour seminar if you are recommissioning and your commission has not expired, otherwise, a 6-hour course is required. 6-hour class begins at 9:00am and the 3-hour class begins at 1:00pm. This fee must be now when you register and can be paid when you register online now or by phone at 800-873-9865.
  • $40 State Exam Processing Fees This exam fee will be paid to the Secretary of State on the day of the exam. You cannot pre-pay this fee but will need to bring in a check or money order made payable to the Secretary of State. They will not accept credit cards or cash for that payment.

  • Passport photo and live scan.
    All notary applicants are required to submit a passport photo and live scan fingerprints for a background check before the notary application will be processed. We can do both on the day of the seminar and exam. The passport photo is only $10 and we can complete your live scan fingerprinting on that day for $80 which covers all DOJ and FBI processing fees.

  • is one of the only seminars offering fingerprinting via Live Scan at all of our 6-hour notary seminar classes. You must have a live scan before your notary application will be approved...use our one-stop-shop on the day of the class!  

  • Optional Notary Supplies Discount We also have a specially discounted notary supplies package if you are taking our notary class. We do not offer this discount to anyone else and it is not available online. You can purchase this now at registration or in class.

    This deeply discount option from $183 down to just $79.95 includes the notary seal, a notary journal, thumbprint pad, acknowledgment and jurat pads, a notary forms CD or electronic file with 29 common forms, a notary identification badge good for all four years of your commission, free national advertising listing for mobile notaries, and a set of (2) oath cards all discounted from $183 value to just $79.95. This is not available anywhere else online and is only available to our notary seminar attendees at registration or in the class.

  • Once your commission arrives, you will need to obtain a bond ($38) and record your notary oath of office and that bond with the County Recorder. You should not purchase a bond from anywhere or anyone until your commission arrives which is now taking about 5-6 weeks from the date you take and pass the notary exam as long as you have completed the live scan in our class.

    If you want to go on an become a Certified Notary Loan Signing Agent, we can help in a big way! On the day of the seminar, we can give you a $50 discount to the Loan Signing Certification Class for those wanting to start their own notary loan signing business.

    Any notary can choose to become a Certified notary loan signing agent and can make $10k-$15k per year part time with their own business working 2-3 hours per day. Busy, full-time notary loan signing agents with their own mobile notary business can make $60k - $80K and the most successful make even more than $100k per year. These are very realistic numbers! Set your own your own business...we can help!



Should I take a 6-hr class or a 3-hr class?

The 6-hr class begins at 9am and the 3-hr class begins at 1pm at the same location. Take the class & exam on the same day. The state exam proctors
arrive at 4:15 pm.

All first-time notary applicants are required to take the 6-hr class. Recommissioning notaries whose commissions have not yet expired may choose to take a 6-hr class or a 3-hr refresher class up to 1-year before their current commission expires and also must take the notary exam.

We offer both the 6-hr class and the 3-hr class at all locations and on all dates.
If your commission has already expired, or you do not take or pass the exam before your current commission expires, you will no longer qualify for the 3-hr course. Please consider taking the entire 6-hr course even if you have recommissioned many times. You will really be glad you did that and the course prices are always the same at $79.95 for either the 6-hr or the 3-hr class.

If you qualify for the 3-hr class, and we cannot twist your arm in taking the 6-hr class, please do know that only the 6-hr class comes with the Pass the Exam Guarantee. To take the 3-hr class, simply pick any date and location and at the check-out prompts, you can change the class at that time to a 3-hr class at no charge. We hope you reconsider...

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