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How much does it cost to become a notary with us?

  • The cost of our Notary Seminar Class is $69.95 We are a one-stop-shop so everything is very convenient and super affordable!
  • The cost of the State Notary Exam is $40. You must pay the exam proctors for that on the day of the class.
  • Notary exams must be taken in-person.
  • What about the notary seal, supplies and live scan?
  •  If you choose to pick up our discounted notary supplies  on the day of the class, (over a $100 discount) that cost is $79.95 and includes the notary seal, the notary journal, your notary identification badge, a notary forms CD, advertising, notary oath cards and more. You can purchase this at check-out now.
  • All notary applicants must have fingerprinting done via a live scan specifically for each four year notary commission term. If you choose to get your live scan done on the day of the class, the cost is $80 including the FBI and the DOJ fees. You will pay for that on the day of the class.
  • If you choose to get your live scan done in our class, the total cost for the seminar, photo and live scan is $159.95 . Add $40 for the Secretary of State on the day of the exam. 
  • Add $79.95 for the discounted notary supplies .. your choice.



Take the class & exam on the same day. Class at 9 am and exam proctors arrive at 4:15 pm

**Notary Practice Workshop Class**

No exams, just practice! Every notary should attend this class before completing their first notary act on thier own. 1:30-4:30pm

Anyone can attend this class whether you took our notary class for the state exam or not, but the best time to take this workshop is while you are waiting for your notary commission to arrive by mail. Together with your instructor, you will...

  • Complete Acknowledgments on a California Deed of Trust and a Hand-Written Power of Attorney,complete CA Jurats on several affidavits including a Copy Certification by Document Custodian.
  • Practice the actual oaths for Jurats and Credible witnesses and we will actually use the Credible Witness identification procedure.
  • Go through 4-6 actual notary signings including creating the journal entries in actual notary pratice journals for each. This includes obtaining thumbprints and you will use a mock notary seal to practice seal placement on real documents.
  • Notarize a Grant Deed for the State of Texas to practice when to correct Acknowlegemnt wording and you will use the jurat stamp on an affidavit from New York.
  • We will even notarize a Certificate of Translation on a foriegn language birth certificate and discuss the international Apostille process.


Brand New Live Scan Home Study Course

Learn how to become a fingerprint roller and make extra money doing live scans.

  • An easy 3-hour class at exam required!
  • Understand the fundamentals of working with the Department of Justice and the FBI to process background checks.
  • Learn how to market yourself to livescan companies as a certified fingerprint roller or how to invest in your own live scan company.


How can you become a Certified Loan Signing Agent?

If you take our notary seminar, you can recieve a discount of $50 towards the loan signing certification course during your notary class.  If you always wanted to start your own business and be on your own time schedule, becoming a mobile notary or loan signing agent may be a good choice for you.

Take your notary class and exam first. Then, on another day, take the loan signing certification course to begin your own mobile notary business. We never offer this course on the same day as your notary class and exam because we offer far too much information in our loan signing courses. Never accept less than a one-day loan siging course.  Do it right the first time! We have helped over 12,000 people start their own notary and loan signing buiness. Let us help you! 

  • Take the loan signing course in our class location or...
  • Take the loan signing course at home by reading the book.
  • Take the loan signing certification exam at home.
  • The in-person course fee is discounted to $100 for our notary students if you register for this course during our notary seminar. This includes the cost for the exam which you take at home on your computer when you want.

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