Are you ready to Notarize - The first time out!

Every notary should attend this class before completing their first notary act on their own.


  • Complete Acknowledgments on a California Deed of Trust and other common loan documents. See how to have someone sign using a Power of Attorney authorization, complete CA Jurats, Copy Certification by Document Custodian.
  • Practice the actual oaths for Jurats and Credible witnesses and we will actually use the Credible Witness identification procedure.
  • Go through actual notary signings including creating the journal entries in actual notary practice journals for each. This includes obtaining thumbprints, notary seal placement.
  • Notarize a Grant Deed for the State of Texas to practice when to correct Acknowledgment wording and you will use the Jurat stamp on an affidavit from New York.
  • We will even Notarize a Certificate of Translation on foreign language documents and discuss the international Apostille process.

"We WANT you to make mistakes with us
NOT your clients."