3-hrs of Instructor-Guided Notary Practice A "Journals, Seals, Oaths, Documents Class". 1:30pm - 4:30pm

No exams, just practice! Every notary should attend this class before completing their first notary act on their own.

Anyone can attend this class whether you took our notary class for the state exam or not, but the best time to take this workshop is while you are waiting for your notary commission to arrive by mail. Together with your instructor, you will...

  • Complete Acknowledgments on a California Deed of Trust and other common loan documents. See how to have someone sign using a Power of Attorney authorization, complete CA Jurats, Copy Certification by Document Custodian.
  • Practice the actual oaths for Jurats and Credible witnesses and we will actually use the Credible Witness identification procedure.
  • Go through actual notary signings including creating the journal entries in actual notary practice journals for each. This includes obtaining thumbprints, notary seal placement.
  • Notarize a Grant Deed for the State of Texas to practice when to correct Acknowledgment wording and you will use the Jurat stamp on an affidavit from New York.
  • We will even notarize a Certificate of Translation on foreign language documents and discuss the international Apostille process.
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