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California notaries who are currently commissioned are only required to take a 3-hour refresher course every 4 years in order to be re-commissioned!

  Our opinion on taking the 3-hour refresher course vs. the
full-day 6-hour course.
  • To qualify for the 3-hr class, you must be a California recommissioning notary and your current notary commission cannot expire before or on the seminar date. Even if you qualify for the 3-hr course, you may choose to take the 6-hr course instead.


We believe that the extra 3-hours in the morning every four years for recommissioning is really worth your time although we do completely understand why you may not want to take your entire day for the 6-hour course. If you choose to take a 3-hour refresher course, please consider going through some of our on line pre-seminar preparation materials before attending the seminar.
  •  Recomissioning notary applicants may take either course up to 2 years prior to the expiration date of thier current commission.


Our pass guarantee does not apply for 3-hour courses and it is important that you know that if your application is returned to you for any reason, and you cannot re-submit before your commission expiration date, you will no longer qualify for a 3-hour course.
  • If you are a new notary applicant or your commission has already expired or will expire on or before your class date, you must take the 6-hr class.


This means that you will then be required to take the full 6-hour course and not just an additional 3 hours to make up the time.
The 6-hour classes and the 3-hour classes are both held on the same day at the same location. If you are taking a 3-hour class, you will need to arrive at the seminar site at 12:30pm. If you are taking a 6-hour class, please arrive at 8:30am.   Notary applications are usually completed during the morning session as well as live-scans, passport photos, registration forms and Proofs of Completion. We will cover the material in Chapters 1-4 of the Pre-seminar study guide which you will have immediate access to upon registration for either the 6-hour or the 3-hour course. 

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