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How can I take the California Notary Exam without taking an on-site notary class?
An approved 6-hour or 3-hour educational course must be taken either at home or your office if you choose to not attend a seminar.

There are some options available to take just the notary exam if you do not want to attend a seminar.
First, all notary applicants must complete the required educational course whether this is a brand new commission or a re-commission. This can be done in a live notary seminar or at your own home or office. We also offer an On-Line Notary Video Course or a Home-Study Printed Course at $19.95 which includes your Proof of Completion if you want to take the course on your own time.

Once you complete the course, you can choose to take the notary examination at our TESTING-ONLY locations or schedule your exam with the testing proctors directly.
 The notary exam is not permitted to be taken on-line or at home. We do not permit testing only at our live seminar locations.

We will have staff available for you at the TESTING ONLY location if you want to complete your application, documentation, live scan, take a passport photo (required for your application) or purchase your notary stamp, journal or other notary supplies.

Schedule for the Testing Only Location
8:30 AM    
                    Registration - please arrive between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM.

9:00 AM- 10:00 AM
                    Document Completion, Photos & Live Scan
                    First come basis -  Live scans, photos and all paperwork must be completed before 10:00 AM
10:00 AM  
                    Proctor arrival (Late arrivals, regardless of the reason will not be permitted to take the exam!)

Photos, live scans and document completion are completed by 10:00 AM. If you arrive after 9:30 AM, you will not be able to complete your live scan or photo at our site. If you arrive after 9:30 AM you must already have all documents completed correctly and your Proof of Completion must be already signed or you will not be able to take your exam. Late arrivals will not be permitted to take the notary examination!  Please arrive by 9:00 AM.

The exam consists of 30 questions, multiple choice and the minimum passing score is 70%. You will have up to 50 minutes to complete the exam. The exam proctors will take over at approximately 10:15 AM. They will provide instructions to the entire group and they are required to verify identity individually. You should plan on up to two hours for the entire testing process once the exam proctors begin. Be sure to bring two (2) number 2 pencils for your examination and a pen in order to complete your notary application and other paperwork on the day of the notary examination. 

We currently offer TESTING ONLY in San Bernardino only as this is a new program but expect to add locations very soon. Be sure to check back with us as our TESTING ONLY schedule will be updated soon with new locations and dates.
What do the registration fees for the Exam Only at a testing-only location include?
TESTING ONLY site registration fee is $49.95 which covers the cost of our staff, facility and scheduling of testing proctors.

In order to take the exam, you will need to bring also bring a check or money order for $40 made payable to the Secretary of State which includes $20 for the notary application fee and $20 for the CPS to process the examination. The Secretary of State will not accept cash or credit cards and will not accept checks that do not include a pre-printed address on them. The address on the check does not need to match your identification and may be a company check. 

Starting at 9:00 AM on the day of the exam at one of our TESTING ONLY locations, our staff will explain the process of recieving your exam results, completing your commission process and what information will be sent to you by the Secretary of State. We will also discuss your options for recording your oath, bond and commission with your office of the county clerk. We will use this time to complete documentation, photos and live scans if requested.
Can I have my live-scan completed at the TESTING ONLY location?
Yes. We will have staff available at our TESTING ONLY locations to complete your live-scans, take the passport photo you will need for your notary application and assist in the completion of your Registration forms and Proof of Completions.  We will also have available for purchase your Notary Stamp, Notary Journal and other notary supplies. If you are interested in becoming a certified loan signer, we will have information on how to complete that process as well.
Am I required to have a live-scan and passport photo completed at a testing-only location?
No. All notary applicants, whether new or re-commissioning must complete a live scan for every commission and a passport photo must be submitted with your notary application. Live-scans may be done later but the notary commission will not be processed by the Secretary of State until the live-scan has been completed and the applicant passes the background check. If you do not submit a passsport photo with your application, your application will not be accepted by the Secretary of State. If you do not want to have a passport photo taken by our staff, you will need to bring one with you.

Live-scan costs will be $80 and passport photos will be $10.
Can I use the TESTING ONLY location to re-take the notary examination?
If you are re-taking the Notary Exam, we may not be able to accommodate you for our TESTING ONLY location as seating is very limited. Register here if you need to re-take the notary exam. Of course, you may choose to secure a seat at one of our TESTING ONLY locations is fyou go through the regular registration process. .
If I take the notary exam at one of the TESTING ONLY facilities, do I need to contact the Secretary of State?
No. Your registration fee for our TESTING ONLY location includes the cost of our staff availablity to guide you through the process of of completing the Registration form and the Proof of Completion. Your registration with us automatically places you on the roster for the notary examination. There will be no need to contact the Secretary of State unless you have a specific question for them regarding yor commissioning process.
What should I bring with me to the notary exam?
You will need to have with you a driver’s license from any state or from Canada or Mexico or a State DMV issued ID card, a military ID card or a U.S. Passport (US Passport Card is acceptable) or foreign government issued passport. Whatever you are using for your identification must be current or if expired, must have been issued less than 5 years ago. No other forms of photo identification are allowed. Paper extensions issued from the DMV will not be allowed but paper address changes are fine. If you are not a United States Citizen, you will need to list an A-Number or USCIS# on your application. Your Alien Registration Number is an 8 or 9 digit number that can be found on your Permanent Resident Card (also known as a green card). All candidates will need to have a check, money order or cashier’s made payable to The Secretary of State. There is an application fee of $20 and an examination fee of $20, and both fees can be included on a single check for the total of $40. Your name should be printed on the check either in the address section or the memo section of the check. The Secretary of State will not accept temporary checks that do not have a pre-printed address and they do not accept cash or credit cards for the application or exam fees. 

You will need to bring along a receipt from for your notary self-study course so we can provide you with a Proof of Completion. If you have taken your notary course with another provider, you will need to bring the Proof of Completion form signed by a representative from that provider. You may bring a passport photo with you or we can take one at the location for $10.
Does the PASS GUARANTEE apply with testing-only?
No. Our PASS GUARANTEE only applies to those individuals who attend the entire 6-hour live seminar class.
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