FunFactsIcon Can I notarize a copy of a passport?
Notaries in California are not allowed to notarize copies of passports, a driver's license, birth certificates, death certificates or marriage certificates.
FunFactsIcon Why can't I call myself a notario p├║blico if I speak Spanish?
In Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, a notary must be an attorney. That is why it is illegal for a California notary to translate their Notary Public title into Spanish on any advertising including business cards or business signs.
FunFactsIcon Can I notarize a copy of a University Degree or High School Records?
Notaries in California do not notarize documents, we notarize signatures. Sometimes notaries are asked to notarize a document that has no place for the person making the request to sign. If that person has no place to sign, the notary has nothing to notarize and must decline.
FunFactsIcon What is a Credible Witness?
There are times when someone needs to have something notarized but they do not have a valid driver's license or passport, or other type of identifying document to prove their identity (just changed their name due to marriage for example). In California, even if the notary knows the signer personally, the notary may not use that personal knowledge for identification, but there is a very easy solution. The signer can ask two friends not associated with the document, to swear an oath to the notary that they know that the person signing the document is the same person named in the document. The notary uses the oaths from these two people as acceptable identification.

What if they do not really know the signer? As odd as it may seem, these two people do not need to provide any other evidence that they do know the signer, but these two people must have their own identification document and the notary must record the identification from these two friends into the notary journal. These two people must also sign the notary's journal. Since the notary is simply relying on the "credibility" of the oath, we call these two people "Credible Witnesses". Credible Witnesses are a substitute form of identification when a signer does not have or cannot obtain another form of identification.
FunFactsIcon Am I allowed to notarize an I-9 form for employment verification?
The California Secretary of State strictly states that notaries may NOT notarize an I-9 form because the form would require a notary to notarize their own signature, and notaries may not notarize their own signature or any document for which they may be named as a principal or for which they have or obtain beneficial or financial gains.
FunFactsIcon Are California notaries permitted to use the Matricula Consular Identification ID card?
In California, notaries are allowed to use a Matricula Consular ID card from the Mexican Consulate for identification as long as it has a signature, photograph and physical description...If it does not have all of those features, they cannot be used for identification after all.
FunFactsIcon Will I get a new commission number when I obtain a new commission term?
The notary commission is good for 4 years. The notary receives a new commission number for each new commission term!
FunFactsIcon How can I use my Notary Commission to start my own business?
One of the most frequent motivations for becoming a notary public is that many notaries plan to start their own business as a traveling mobile notary. Mobile notaries provide notarial services for all sorts of situations including Estate Planning Law firms, hospitals, convalescent homes and other public arenas. California notaries do not have a limit on how much they can charge to travel so they usually charge based on mileage, the type of document, the type of signing event, time of day or night and a host of other factors. Notaries who become Certified for Loan Signing will include loan signing services as a big part of their business. Notaries operating their own mobile business usually are based in a home office because of the flexible schedule inherent in this business when accepting notarial assignments. The loan signing certification class that we offer will cover all of these types of notary businesses.
FunFactsIcon Do I need to turn my notary journal into the County Clerk when my 4-year commission term is over?
A California notary does not start a new journal when they begin a new commission unless the old one is full. If the notary is not re-newing the commission, then all journals taken during the notary's career must be submitted to the County Clerk's office within 30 days of expiration. If the notary is renewing, they just continue to use the journal until full, then start a new one.
FunFactsIcon What do I do with my notary journal if my commission expires and I do not want to renew?
The information in a notary's journal belongs to the Secretary of State and once a notary is no longer commissioned, all of the notary's journals must be submitted to their County Clerk's office within 30 days.
FunFactsIcon Exactly where on the document do I place the notary seal?
The notary's seal actually identifies the notary so a California notary seal impression can only be placed in close proximity to the notary's signature. It is never allowed to be placed anywhere on any document except directly next to or directly underneath of the notary's signature.
FunFactsIcon How do I get my notary seal?
Once the notary has received their Letter of Commission from the Secretary of State (about 5-6 weeks after the exam date), the notary seal can be manufactured. Find the "Authorization to Manufacture" form in the Commission packet you will receive from the Secretary of State and send it to, Inc. at 165 W. Hospitality Ln. Suite 10, San Bernardino, CA 92408. Be sure to include your phone number and address to where we will send the notary seal once manufactured. It only takes a few days for this process. DO NOT SEND US YOUR LETTER OF COMMISSION (the one with the gold seal)...we need the Authorization form .
FunFactsIcon How do I get my Notary Bond?
The notary bond can be obtained from in 3-4 days from date of request. It will only cost $38 at that time but you will need your new Commission number from the Secretary of State so wait until you receive your commission which is taking about 5-6 weeks from the date of the exam.
FunFactsIcon How do I start my loan signing business?
Notaries who are Certified for Loan Signing should spend time marketing their own business. The Loan Signing Class includes a listing of 90 companies to begin advertising to and a lot of guidance for new notaries to develop proven strategies in starting up a new notary business. Get $50 discount for this class if you are our student and you register for this class during our Live 6-hour Notary seminar.
FunFactsIcon Where can I practice notarizing so I know what to do when I am ready to begin?
If you would like to get experience notarizing in a relaxed and fun setting with an instructor who will guide you with oaths, journal entries, notarizing some common loan documents, Grant Deeds, Power of Attorney documents, Affidavits and even documents being sent to other countries, consider taking the 3-hour Notary Workshop class after you take the state notary exam. This extra 3-hour Workshop class takes what you learned in our notary seminar to pass the notary exam and gives you practical application experience before you start notarizing for real. No exams in this class, just 3 hours of notary practice. The cost is just $75. There is no substitute for hands-on experience. Come join one of our fun Practical Application Workshops while you are waiting for your commission to arrive in the mail.


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