This California State-Approved online 6-hour or 3-hour notary study course is FREE for anyone registered for our live notary seminar. But, hey...we get it! Sometimes it is easier just to do things on your own so, slip into your PJs and have fun. When you are ready, you can register to take the exam-only later. Just call..800-873-9865.

Online Notary Classes - FREE with your seminar registration...
or purchase by itself! Your reservation to take the state exam is included.

California State Approved for the Notary Public Examination - Includes the Proof of Completion Certificate. 
This online notary video course is included
for anyone registered for an upcoming live notary class & same-day exam. This access is available for up to 1- year so you can start right now and then come back to it later for review.
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you may
Purchase the 3-hour or 6-hour online course
instead, and when you are ready, call us to schedule your notary exam. There is no extra scheduling fee* and you can schedule at any exam location throughout California.

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*Valid only if purchased after Jan 5, 2018; Secretary of State charges $40 to process the notary application and exam payable only at the exam location.

Since this online course comes free when you register for a notary seminar and same-day notary exam, if you purchase this course now and then change your mind later and would rather take the seminar instead, no problem. Just call us within 150 days of purchase* of this online course and we will schedule you for a live seminar at no extra charge. If you choose to complete this online course instead and then believe you are ready to take your exam, perfect! No need to take the seminar, just call us and we will help you to schedule your notary exam.*Valid only if purchased after Jan 5, 2018

If you purchase and complete this online course and then reserve your seat with us for the notary exam-only at any of our live seminar locations within 150 days of purchase*, you may choose to arrive early to take advantage of the in-person class at no extra charge. Clarify questions with the instructor or get your live-scan done or just get a great review before taking the exam. Come in the morning at 9:00am or the afternoon at 1:00pm but let us know first by calling 800-873-9865. If you want to take just the exam with us, just schedule with us and arrive by 4:00pm.

The California State Notary Exam is 30 questions mulitiple choice and you have 50 minutes to complete the exam.

This online notary course includes the Proof of Completion required by the California Secretary of State. Bring that with you to the exam location along with a completed notary application. Instructions are provided in this online course.


This course is CA State Approved for your Notary Commission