This California State-Approved online 6-hour or 3-hour notary study course is FREE for anyone registered for our live notary seminar. But, hey...we get it! Sometimes it is easier just to do things on your own so, slip into your PJs and have fun. When you are ready, you can register to take the exam-only later. Just call..800-873-9865.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE, YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT this online notary course already comes FREE with your registration for a live notary class, but if you want, you can take just this course at home, without attending a seminar.

California State Approved for the Notary Public Examination - Includes the 3-hr or the 6-Hr course Proof of Completion Certificate. 

This online notary video course is included
for anyone registered for an upcoming live notary class & same-day exam. This access is available for up to 1- year so you can start preparing for the notary examination right now at home before the seminar and then come back to it later for review.
Listen in your car or take it at home;
it is up to you...ALL FREE!

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you may
Purchase the 3-hour or 6-hour online course instead.

The California Notary Examination must be taken in-person at an approved testing location.  The Secretary of State fees to submit the Application and to take the Notary Examination is $40 payable on the day you take the exam, regardless of where you take the exam.

If you purchase and complete this online course with us, there is no extra charge from us to take your exam at any of the locations below other than the Secretary of State fee. Your seat can be reserved for free! Even better, we will allow you, at your choice, to come in and join us for either the full day or the half day at no charge if you want if you select a location in the green color below. Come in the morning at 9:00am or the afternoon at 1:00pm, or if you want to take just the exam with us, just schedule by phone at 909-915-1201 and arrive by 4:00pm.

The California State Notary Exam is 30 questions mulitiple choice and you have 50 minutes to complete the exam.

This online notary course includes the Proof of Completion required by the California Secretary of State. Bring that with you to the exam location along with a completed notary application. Instructions are provided in this online course.


This course is CA State Approved for your Notary Commission