Home Notary Classes
Hey, we get it. Sometimes you're better off learning at your own pace. That's why we created a Home Study Course option, so you can take the State Approved Notary Public Class from the comfort of your own home. So go ahead, slip into your PJs (we won't judge) and lets get ready for the exam.

The next screen allows you to "BOOK NOW". This is how you purchase this course.This on-line notary course fee is only $19.95 but it is included for free as a way to start studying immediately if you have registered for a live notary seminar class with us in the future. Whether you purchase this course or are using it as a study guide for free, you can access this course under the Student Services link above. Purchase either this course on its own, or register for a notary seminar and then you will be able to log into Student Services immediately.

If you choose to use this course and not attend the live seminar, you can do that and the cost includes your Proof of Completion!
 This online notary course is your fastest way possible to your notary commission in California.

Watch the videos in any order you like and and take the individual quizzes for each chapter.

The next screen allows you to "BOOK NOW". This is how you purchase this course. Completion

This online notary video course is included free for anyone who is already registered for the live notary class & exam. This access is available for up to 1- year so you can come back to it later for review.  Only our 6-hour live seminar class provides the opportunity to do everything in one day and includes the 100% Pass the Notary Exam Guarantee! After taking this online course for $19.95, within 1-year of purchasing this course, if you would like to, you may change your mind and register for either our 3-hour seminar or 6-hour seminar and we will credit the entire $19.95 you paid for this online course.

You may take this online notary course and then schedule your notary exam by calling us at 800-873-9865. The State-Proctored Notary Exam is not permitted to be taken online and you will need to present an identification at the examination site. Additional fees do apply as the state examination fees and pre-registration fees to take the exam are not included in the price of this online notary course. The cost of the exam is $40 and the pre-registration fees to take the exam at any of our exam locations is the difference between our seminar price and the cost of this on-line study course.


This course is CA State Approved for your Notary Commission


  • Do not pay for this course if you are registered for a live notary 6-hour or 3-hour notary class because it comes free with your notary class registration.