Home Notary Classes
Hey, we get it. Sometimes you're better off learning at your own pace. That's why we created a Home Study Course option, so you can take the State Approved Notary Public Class from the comfort of your own home. So go ahead, slip into your PJs (we won't judge) and lets get ready for the exam.


 If you take our live 3-hr or 6-hr notary class, you can do everything in just 1-day; but,
you can also choose to take your required 3-hr course right here, on your computer, tablet or even your phone!

Then, when you like, you can register to take your notary exam with us at any of our live notary class & exam locations. The Secretary of State does not permit the notary exam to be taken online so all CA notary applicants must take the exam in-person. If you do not live close enough to any of our exam locations, you can register to take the exam directly with the testing proctors virtually any county in California. We will help you do that as well.

We do not require that you take an exam to finish this course.

We do not track your time and you have up to 1-year to complete this course.

  • The next screen allows you to "BOOK NOW". This is how you purchase this course. The cost is $69.95 and includes your registration for the notary exam at any of our locations.
  • After purchase, log into the course into STUDENT SERVICES.
  • Select the 3-Hour Video Course option.
  • Watch any of the awesome videos in any order you like. Download the full notary instruction study guide or save it as a PDF.
  • Take any of the sample exams or answer any chapter questions you choose.
  • Once you have spent 3-hours studying, request your Proof of Completion.
  • Please be honest  as our online course does not track or log any of your time. You will need to sign an affidavit that you spent the reuqired time to obtain your Proof of Completion.
  • Call us at 800-873-9865 to register for the Notary Examination. California does not permit the notary exam to be taken online.
  • Come into any of our live class locations at 4:00pm to take the exam.
  • You may also come into the class earlier, any time during the day to "listen in" before the exam if you like. 

This online notary video course is   free  for anyone who is taking the live notary class & exam AND YOU WILL HAVE FREE ACCESS to this course for up to one year so you can come back to it later for review or should you need a reminder about how to do things properly. 


You may take this online notary course and then schedule your notary exam by calling us at 800-873-9865.


This course is CA State Approved for your Notary Commission


  • Do not pay for this course if you are registered for a live notary class because it comes free with your notary class registration.