Home Study Course

Notary Home Study Course 6-hr or 3-hr

Price: $79.95


1) Download or print and read on your own time.

2) There are no time limits or checkpoints with this course.

3) When you are ready, follow the directions to request your Proof of Completion by email.

4) Register to take your state notary exam in-person.

5) Your exam results are emailed to you in 7-10 business days.

6) You can receive a full credit for all costs you paid to NotaryClasses.com for this course if you change your mind within 90 days of this purchase and register for a live seminar on the day of the exam. Optional shipping costs cannot be credited.

The Secretary of State will charge $40 for the application fee and the examination fee on the day of the exam. There is a $10 admin fee for the Proof of Completion if requested and pre-registration at any of the many exam locations we have is subject to seat availability. You should consider registering for the exam at least 7 days in advance. Exam pre-registration fees are $20 if you would like to take the exam at one of our locations.