Home Study Course

3 Hour Notary Home Study

Price: $29.95


This is the 3-Hour State Approved Home Study Notary Course.
Print this course or just read it on-line. This text-based course covers all of the notary information required by the California Secretary of State and you may use this California Secretary of State approved study course to satisfy your educational requirements to become a notary public but keep in mind that you will still need to go in-person to take the state-proctored notary examination. California does not permit this testing to be done on-line. The testing proctors hold periodic test-only notary locations and dates but of course, NotaryClasses.com always hold a state-proctored notary exam at any of our seminar locations. Once you have spent at least 3-hours in self-study with this text-based course, please follow the instructions included in the course to obtain your Proof of Completion by email, fax or post.

If you want to use this course and also want to take the notary exam with us at our seminar location, you will need to pre-register for a seat at our seminar location. The additional cost is $50 which is of course, equivalent to the same cost as if you also took the seminar with us. This is because the state testing proctors limit our exam seating. This also means that if you change your mind and want to spend the day with us in test preparation after all, your registration allows you to do just that! However, if you only want to take the exam (without attending the seminar), you may choose to do that as well. Pre-register ($50) by phone 800-873-9865 Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm anytime before the exam day and you will need to arrive at the exam location by 4:00pm.

The Secretary of State application and exam fees are $40.