EVERYONE needs Live Scans EVERYWHERE! Why not be the person taking them?

  • Open your own Live-Scan business.
  • Increase your hiring potential for other businesses that use live-scan equipment.
  • Regular price is $145 but NotaryClasses.com offers this class for $125 if you register on this website.

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Is certification legally required?

  • Yes...the state of California requires all live scan operators go through the process to be certified with them. That process does not require a state exam or a class.
  • Certification only requires a background check and an application.
  • The primary purpose of this class is to get you introduced to live scan certification process and live scan equipment operation .... then take your Certificate of Completion with you! This class is designed to get you familiar with live scan operation, business opportunities as a self-employed small business owner, and put you at an advantage over other applicants at job interviews.
  • You will be introduced to live scan rolling techniques and completing live scan computer forms of various types.
  • Competion of this course does not require an exam.
  • All attendees for the entire 3-hours receive a Certificate of Completion for this course at the end of the class.

...Start your own Live Scan business...we show you how!