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You must be a commissioned notary or have already taken your notary exam in order to take the Loan Signing Certification Class. Become a notary first, then take your loan signing Certification if you want to specialize as a Notary Public in loan signing.

Loan Signing
Become a Certified Loan Signer


What is a Certified Loan Signer?
A Certified Loan Signer is a Notary Public who has passed an additional examination pertaining to loan signing documents, loan signing protocol and notary law. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and is given on-line and is open book. See 11 sample exam questions.

Why should I become a Certified Loan Signer?
Notaries Public may provide all notary services without taking an extra step to become a certified notary. However, if you wish to use your notary public commission to begin a mobile notary service, especially a loan signing service, becoming certified will provide obvious & significant marketing advantages over non-certified notaries public. Our certification program will cover many issues specific to the loan signing and mobile notary industry that will be impossible to cover during our notary seminar. For an idea of all that we cover during our 1-day class, look at the table of contents of our study guide.

Should I take my certification exam before I receive my commission?
It will take on average 10-12 weeks for your notary commission to finalize so why not take advantage of this tme and take your loan signing certification class & exam while you are waiting? We especially encourage you to take the loan signing class as soon as possible after the notary seminar because it is a great way to put into practice some of the new notary knowledge so recently acquired.

We have three (3) options for obtaining your Loan Signing Certification:

Option 1 One-Day Seminar $150

1-day seminar with an experienced loan signing instructor

The class only takes 1-day and focuses on loan signing documents, loan signing protocol and loan signing marketing techniques.

Take your Notary seminar & exam first, but while you are waiting for your commission process, you should take your loan signing certification class. The cost of this class is only $150 which includes the materials and the exam! This exam is given on-line and is open-book. You will take this exam at your convenience in your own home after the seminar. This price also includes processing and mailing your certification documentation.

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Option 2 Home Study with Open- Book Exam $86

Loan Signing Home Study Course

If you do not have the time to take a full-day seminar, you may find it convenient to complete this course in your own home. The certification exam is on-line and is open-book. Once you take and pass the exam we will send you the Certification by mail.

The cost of the Home Study Program is $86 which includes the cost of taking the notary exam and includes processing and mailing your certification documentation.

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Option 3
Certification Exam Only $40

Just take the exam without taking a seminar or home-study option.

If you already have experience as a loan signer, you may take the Certification exam without having to take the Loan Signing Seminar or Home Study Program first. The cost to take the exam is $40 and the exam is given on-line at your convenience. Upon passing, we will send your Loan Signing Certification. The cost of the exam alone is $40 which includes processing and mailing your certification documentation.

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