You can watch a short video here that will answer most of your questions, or you can find a class and exam schedule at the link above this video.

Immediately after you register, you can log into Student Services for all of the included study guides, and if you want, access to hours of videos and study aides so you can begin studying right now! You will receive confirmation and directions for your class in your email. 6-hr Notary Exam Prep Class is 9:00am-4:15pm. State exam proctors arrive at 4:15pm. Live Scan and application photo taken at 8:45am. Everything you need to do in one place all on the same day.


Costs to become a notary.

  • To become a notary in California, you must take a 6-hour notary course $79.95
  • Take the State Notary Exam on the same day in the same location at . $40
  • You will complete the entire Notary application and receive your Proof of Completion in class.
  • All notary applicants must provide Live Scan (fingerprints) to the DOJ and the FBI before the notary commission is approved.
    You can have this done in class, all on the same day. $80
  • A passport-style photograph we will take these on the same day before class begins. $10

The total for all of this is $210.

The State Notary Exam is only 45 questions, all multiple choice and you need a 70% score to pass. We have a terrific "Pass the Exam Guarantee" because we have so many tools online to help you get started with everything, right, even before you come to the class. We have online sample exams, study guides, video tutorials with full explanations in an easy-to-understand format, online games and more. Just click the student services link once you register or follow the links in your confirmation of registration email.

What can I start studying right now if I register for a class today?
Stream our Notary Videos right to your phone or computer immediately.

Immediate access to 18 videos.
Check out a sample of one video now.

  • Videos can also be streamed to your phone for video or audio. Listen to the videos anywhere, anytime.

  • We have sample quizzes for every video and three other timed notary sample exams just to get an idea of what may be on the actual notary exam.

  • Download printable study guides and summaries to read and make notes.

  • Play Notary Jeopardy or use our Online Flash Cards if you like to memorize.

  • Download our popular 30-minute Study Guide.

  • Download the California State Notary Public Handbook.

  • Just click the Student Services link or follow the link in your confirmation email when you register for a class.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Loan Signing Agent or start your own Mobile Notary Business, we can help with that too.
When you attend the notary seminar, we will provide you with information on how to become a Certified Loan Signing Agent for just $100!
Notaries who specialize in notarizing loan documents are called Loan Signers or Loan Signing Agents. Mobile Notaries sometimes also provide loan signing services but also provide general notary services to hospitals, convalescent centers, retirement communities, Law Firms and individuals at many types of locations. Some Loan Signing Agents begin by offering starting a Mobile Notary Services business in their local area while they are building a client base for the loan signing business.
We are serious about helping you get started with a Wildly Successful Mobile and Loan Signing Business so we have a full 1-day class devoted to just that... loan signing and mobile notary business.
Some students ask if we ever hold the loan signing class on the same day as the notary class...we will never do that...ever. This class is essential to help you start a successful notary business and while we certainly look at a lot of typical loan signing documents, this is your business and we will spend time in pointing out how to start it, how to advertise, where to advertise, provide marketing tips, what kind of printers to use, what your clients expect during a loan signing and more. There is no way to do that without a serious concentrated effort. Holding this type of class after spending the day preparing for a notary examination would be terribly unfair to our students. Our classes are offered on a separate day once you have had time to rest.
This Loan Signing Certification Class costs $150 but you have an opportunity to purchase that class at just $100 instead if you register while you are attending the notary class.

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