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How to become a notary public.  California notary seminars and online courses $69.95
Notary Video Course and exam Notary Online Video Course and State Exam
No Seminar Attendance Required - Study from your home or office.

How to use the Notary On-Line Video Course
and take your notary exam at our location
Completing the course and registering for your exam   Taking the examination
Both the 6-hr and the 3-hr video courses are California State approved and taking them will satisfy your notary educational requirements. There is no requirement to attend an in-person seminar. CPS You will be taking the notary exam in the same classroom that we held the seminar that day so there is no need to contact the Secretary of State. We have already done that for you when you registered for the examination.

The exam consists of 30 question, multiple choice and you will have 50 minutes to complete the exam. Passing score is 70% and will be sent to you by email within 15-20 business days.
Watch the videos from your computer in any order you like. We do not track time or require that you complete a video  before changing to another video topic. There are a total of 18 videos for each course. The 3-hour course has the same content as the 6-hour course but we have edited out the discussions included in the 6-hour course which were designed for concept clarity.   When you arrive for your exam, you must present an actual hard copy of your exam registration and Proof of Completion that is provided to you from our staff. Electronic copies will not be sufficient. We do not accept walk-in candidates for the notary examination. If you do not have the exam registration confirmation for that specific day and that location, or a Proof of Completion, you will not be permitted to take the exam with us.
Once you have spent the required amount of time in study (6-hrs or 3-hrs) , print out the 6-hour Video Course Affidavit or the 3-hour Video Course Affidavit.   The Secretary of State charges $40 to process your examination and notary application. You will need to bring a check or money order ($40) made payable to the Secretary of State.
You will need to send us the completed and signed Registration and Affidavit forms. You can send them by E-mail, Fax or by regular mail.

If you do not have a scanner, simply take a photo of both completed forms and send the pictures to us.
  We offer live-scan services on the same day as the notary exam but these are only offered during the noon lunch hour. If you would like to take advantage of completing the live-scan on the same day as the notary exam, you will need to arrive at 12:15 PM.

You may choose to take your live-scan at any of our locations and without appointment on any seminar day but you will need to arrive at 12:15 PM.

Find a seminar date and location by checking our our seminar schedule. Once you select a date and location, you will need to call us  to schedule your exam during regular business hours only M-F 9AM - 4:30PM.

If you have purchased any notary course from ($69.95) within the previous 90 days, the fee you paid already includes registration for the notary exam at our locations. You may select any location and any day without an extra registration fee. Re-taking the exam will require full payment ($69.95) unless you have taken a full-day seminar with us. Our Pass the Test Guarantee only applies to seminar registrants and attendees.

If you take a course from any other provider, you may still register to take the exam at our location but the registration fee for our location will be $69.95 regardless of what you paid for your course.
  If you are taking your exam on that day, and you have your exam registration form, you may then choose to stay with us during the rest of the day in the seminar room at no charge or come back at 3:45 PM for the exam only. This is a great way to review the second half of the seminar material at no charge.

There is no additional charge if you would like to remain with us during the second 3-hours of our seminar session but we will
not provide a 3-hour Proof of Completion for the seminar. You must already have your Proof of Completion of the Video Course or the Home Study Course with you.

We can also provide you with the required passport photos on the day of the notary exam. The cost is $10 and you will submit the photo with your notary application.
Schedule your exam before the seminar class fills. Review the exam schedule below and select a day and time for your exam. If you are taking a seminar and exam together, there is no need to call for registration but if you are taking the exam only, you need to call us at 909-915-1201 M-F (9:00 AM-4:30PM) to register for your exam.   Live-Scans 12:15 PM only
Photos taken up until 4:00 PM
Exam-only registration: 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

Notary Exam CPS registration and instructions- 4:00 PM (Late arrivals will not be permitted to take the exam and a re-scheduling fee will apply).
If we do not offer an exam site or date that is convenient for you and you want to take the exam directly with the CPS proctors at one of their locations, let us know and we will send you the necessary information for scheduling your exam with them.   Bring along a completed notary application. Be sure to follow the directions when completing this application.

You will also need to bring 2 sharpened #2 pencils or you may purchase them from us on the day of the exam for $1 each. 
    You will need to bring an identification document such as a driver's license from any state as long as it is current and it does not have a paper extension. You may also use a valid passport from any country or a DMV issued identification from any state.

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