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    The notary exam is scheduled with the State Testing Proctors (CPS) to be given immediately after the seminar at around 4:00 pm. Once your paid reservation for a class is complete, we will automatically schedule your notary exam so there is no need to contact the Secretary of State. One-step does it all! Register now and we take care of the rest for you.

    Seminar Schedule
    8:00 - 9:00 Sign-in
    9:00 - 12:15 Notary seminar
    12:15-1:00 Lunch
    1:00 - 4:00 Notary seminar
    4:00 - 4:30 Exam registration
    4:30 Notary Exam
    You will have 50 minutes to answer 30 questions. Passing score is 70%.

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    This option also secures your seat and automatically registers you for the California State Notary Exam. No extra steps necessary!


    Class fees must be pre-paid in order to guarantee seminar & state notary exam registration.

    Our staff will contact you to arrange payment for your class by telephone.

    This option is not available for next-day classes.

    IMPORTANT! The state charges $40 for the exam and notary application. Please bring a separate check or money order to the class in the amount of $40 made payable to The Secretary of State.

Fees, Costs and Important Information

The fee is only $125 and includes:

      1. All of the necessary seminar texts.
      2. A seminar study guide if you wish to prepare in advance of the seminar.
      3. 4-free on-line sample exams.
      4. A "Check Your Notary Knowledge" exam.
      5. The signed Certificate of Completion.
      6. Immediate access to our notary message board.
      7. A $100 discount on our loan signing class.
      8. Free access to the APN&CSA logo for your resume or business card.
      9. Our guarantee to pass the state exam.

Notary supplies are also available!
We have a Notary Seminar Gold Package upgrade available which can be pre-ordered or purchased at the seminar location. This upgrade option includes Notary Supplies and Services.

Our Notary Seminar Gold Package

2008 Notary Journal
Guaranteed 100% inkless thumbprint pad
2008 Notary Forms CD
2008 Acknowledgment Pad
Hard plastic PVC Color Photo California Notary Identification Card
...and these additional services
4-year "Call-for-help" Notary hotline
Personal listing on The
Your own personal Notary Website including E-mail

The Gold Package is only $74.95 additional
for all of these supplies and services. No other company offers this package at this price!

To puchase the Gold Package Notary Class, select the gold box that says:
"I prefer the gold package... ".

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....................................Frequently Asked Questions
How much do classes cost and what do I recieve?
Our Standard Notary Class is $125 & includes:
  1. All of the necessary seminar texts.
  2. A seminar study guide if you wish to prepare in advance of the seminar.
  3. 4-free on-line sample exams.
  4. A "Check Your Notary Knowledge" exam.
  5. The signed Certificate of Completion.
  6. immediate access to our notary message board.
  7. A $100 discount on our loan signing class.
  8. Free access to the APN&CSA logo for your resume or business card.
  9. Our guarantee to pass the state exam.

    Our Gold upgrade is only $74.95 additional & includes everything listed in our standard notary class and adds your notary supplies & additional services including:
  • An official Notary Journal
  • A fingerprinting device
  • An unlimited supply of Notary forms CD with many of the notary forms you will need or want during your career including the new 2006 required wording for Acknowledgment & Jurat forms.
  • A 2008 compliant Notary Jurat stamp.
  • Bound pad of 2008 Acknowledgment forms for convenience.
  • Registration of our Notary & Loan Signer telephone hot-line for 4 years! Most notary hotlines do not provide support for loan signing but we do! When you need help in the field or are unsure of how to handle a set of loan documents, our notaries and professional loan signers will assist you right over the phone!
  • Your personal Notary website... Every Notary or Loan Signer needs a website and yours is already waiting for you at no extra charge! Choose a template and fill in the form and your website is automatically created! This website costs other notaries & loan signers $149.95 plus $4.95 per month but our students receive this absolutely free.
  • Your personal listing on for 4 full years!
  • Your personal notary identification badge.

    Our Gold Package offers an incredible value at an additional $74.95 but this price is only available to our seminar students. Total for the Notary Class, benefits and Gold Class Supplies & Services is only $199.95!

    "Go back to see available class schedule and locations"

    You have heard about us from former students, seen our advertisements on television, heard our ads on the radio, seen us on local billboards & found us on the web. There is a reason so many people have trusted us to help them with their notary careers and we can help you too. Get more than a few hours in a seminar. Become part of our community!

    How do I become a Notary Public?
    In order to become a notary public, you will need to pass a State Exam. Effective in 2005, New California state laws now require anyone taking a Notary Exam to complete a 6-hour seminar prior to taking the exam. NOTARYCLASSES.COM is on the cutting edge of what it takes to help you pass the first time around. Our seminars are packed full of information and we even complete a sample test in order to help you get ready for the test later on that same day. Be sure to take advantage of our other free sample tests and pre-seminar study guide.

    How do I become a Certified Loan Signer?
    Loan signers are notaries who specialize in notarizing loan documents. Most mobile notaries become loan signers because of the lucrative potential within that part of the notary business. Loan signers are called upon to travel to homes or offices and obtain the signatures for lending documents.

    Becoming Certified is essential if a notary wishes to be successful in marketing his or her services as a loan signer. Our Loan Signing Class includes the Certification exam and Certificate. The Loan Signing Exam is given on-line at your convenience in your own home or office. Our class fee includes two separate attempts at passing the Certification exam.

    How does our "Pass The Exam" guarantee work?

    You will pass the exam the first time and we guarantee it! If you do not pass, you may return to any seminar of your choice absolutely free. That's hassles, no other requirements. While other notary seminar companies claim to offer students a similar guarantee, most will require proof of pre-studies and will charge the student a "site" fee for re-taking the exam at the end of the class. We believe in proving that our instructors are the best and our program is superb. You trusted us to help you pass the exam and we will not let you down. You will pass, guaranteed! We really mean it! (This guarantee valid for all registrations taken after December 4, 2005)


    How do I start my own notary business?
    The best way to begin your notary business is to contact as many potential clients as possible! We offer many suggestions on how to do this in our Loan Signing Course, but in a nutshell, let people and companies who need Notary Services that you are available. There are a lot of companies that use notary services. Use the list of 45 companies that you are given during our Notary class as a start. If you take the Loan Signing class, we provide you with 100 additional company contacts. Then, begin networking with every notary you can find. Once business comes your way, be sure to help others who are new to the industry.

    What should I bring with me on the day of the class?

    You will need to bring an approved valid ID such as a Drivers license (any state) and a check or money order for $40 made payable to the Secretary of State in order to take your exam. The State Exam is given around 4:00pm on the same day of the seminar. You should also bring a #2 pencil for the exam in the event the State Examination Proctors do not have enough with them. We will have pens, paper and all the study materials you will need. If you have an alien registration number, be sure to bring that number with you as you will need it for your notary application.

    Please click here for additional information about what to bring to the seminar.


    Will the Notary Class also prepare me to be a Certified Loan Signer?
    This seminar prepares you for the State Notary Exam and there are no questions on the state exam directly concerned specifically with loan signing. If you are interested in becoming a Loan Signer, you may want to attend our How to Become a Wildly Successful Signing Agent Notary Certification Course (9am-5pm). This course was prepared for both those who have no previous knowledge in loan signings or the seasoned notary professional. You will be introduced to many of the common documents notarized during a loan signing, learn protocol and be introduced to strategies for marketing yourself effectively. You will learn how to collect from slow paying companies and avoid non-paying companies. You will even find out how to negotiate fees of $50 - $150 per loan signing. During the loan signing class, we will introduce a typical set of loan documents (65 pages), discuss all relevant documents and places for signatures and notary requirements. Finally, you will have a chance to complete the loan document signing before you leave. Certification exams will be given on line. ALL NOTARYCLASSES.COM students will receive an option of $100 discount for the loan-signing seminar (regularly $250) on the day of their notary class. See your instructor for details.

    Do I need to register with the Secretary of State or fill out an application before attending the seminar?
    No .All seminar attendees will complete their application to become a notary during the seminar. You will be automatically registered to take the state exam on that same day. There is no need to contact the Secretary of State or CPS prior to your seminar. All of this is completed automatically with your registration.

    What if your class is held at a location or on a date that is inconvenient for me?
    We have developed the Home Study Course for just this situation. It is the next best thing to taking the seminar. You will be using the very same Study Guide and Sample Test used during the seminar. You are guided at each step and the Sample Test includes answers that detail not only why a particular answer is right, but also why the other answers are wrong. An electronic copy (PDF) is available on our home page or a hard copy can be mailed to you for an extra shipping and handling fee.

    .....................................................................More Frequently Asked Questions
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