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Video 2: Obtaining and Managing a Commission

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We’re going to open up our discussion by exploring the requirements a person needs to meet in order to become a California Notary Public, but, first of all, I should mention that a notary receives their appointment by the California Secretary of State, and, of course it is the Secretary of State who ultimately determines whether or not new notary appointments in this state are required.

What I want you to take away from this is that you will need to communicate closely with the California Secretary of State on matters relating to your notary commission. The notary exam is not permitted to be taken on-line so you will need to physically schedule an examination appointment at a place which is convenient.

Again, we will discuss that process a little later on but, as part of your examination process, your actual exam will be supervised by the examination proctors. The exam proctors are contracted by the Secretary of State and are not employee representatives from the Secretary of State. The proctors are from an independent third party source called the Cooperative Personnel Services or we usually simply refer to them as the CPS.

This is important because sometimes notary applicants think that the CPS personnel are actually Secretary of State employees and during the exam process, sometimes ask the testing proctors questions, especially relating to their own personal circumstances and backgrounds. The CPS makes absolutely no decisions about the commissioning process and in fact, the proctors themselves are not even permitted to take the notary exam. That makes sense of course since the proctors are responsible to administer the exam.


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