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Video 2: Obtaining and Managing a Commission

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First of all, unless the person is going to be specifically appointed to a military post, the person needs to be a California resident at the time of appointment. Now, residency is sometimes a little difficult to determine as the law does not require an applicant to have lived in California for any particular period of time to establish residency.

When you complete your notary application, you will find an area for you to list your address of residence. This address must of course be in California. The point is that one cannot reside in New York, for example or Arizona and be a California Notary Public. So, you must have a place of residence in California. While there’s no requirement to be a United States citizen, but, the notary applicant must have legal residency and, will need to have an alien registration card or similar evidence of legal residency at the time the application is submitted.

We usually submit the notary application at the time of testing and a new application must be submitted for each notary term. Now, things are just a little different if you are going to be assigned on a military or naval reservation. As we’ve already said, state residency is waived but, this type of notary MUST be a United States citizen.


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