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Notary Seal with Clear Bottom

Maximum order 2 Seals





How do I request a Notary Seal?

Requesting a notary seal is very easy. When the Secretary of State sends your letter of commission, along with that letter will be an authorization to have one or two notary seals manufactured. You are not required to purchase two seals, but you must purchase at least one seal or your commission may be suspended or revoked. If your current notary seal becomes lost, destroyed, rendered unuseable or expires, you must notitfy the Secretary of State immediately by certified or registred mail and, if you wish to order a replacement, you must request a new authorization for a new notary seal.

When you receive the authorization to manufacture your notary seal(s), mail that original authorization to us at:
165 W. Hospitalty Ln. Ste 10
San Bernardino, CA. 92408

Along wth the authorization, please also send a copy of your proof of purchase that you will receive by email with your purchase. We will repeat these instructions in your confirmation as well for your convenience. You may choose to pre-purchase your notary seal prior to your notary class if you like and we will provide you instructions and a simple procedure for ordering your notary seal during the class.

It only takes a few days to have the seal manufactured. We will forward your information to an authorized seal vendor/manufacturer but remember that we must receive your ORIGINAL authorization to manufacture the seal sent by the Secretary of State. If you choose to order 2 Notary Seals, please put the number "2" in the quantity section of your on-line order.

Questions? Call 800-873-9865 and we will help you with this process.


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