This class is open for anyone wanting to learn how to notarize with confidence, whether you are waiting for your new commission to arrive by mail or you have already received your commission.

  • Perfect for notaries with absolutely no experience.
  • Excellent oportunity for experienced notaries to learn new notary skills.
  • Practice before you begin marketing. No mistakes! Learn to do it right the first time.

Student Services
What will be covered during this workshop class?

  • Join the instructor in completing 4-mock notary signings including:
  • Completing the correct California notarial wording forms.
  • Completing a different state's notary wording when it is legal...yes it is often legal to complete another state's notary wording which is always different from California's wording.
  • Properly modifying notary wording without printing or using a loose certificate form.
  • Notarizing a Deed of Trust, a Power of Attorney and affidavits. .
  • Giving oaths for jurats, credible witnesses and subscribing witnesses.
  • Fill out journal records properly and how to recognize journals that California notaries should not use.
  • How and when a Copy Certification by Document Custodian can be used.
  • What to do with immigration I-9 forms.
  • How to handle requests to notarize translated documents including translations of birth certificates.
  • Directing a client for an apostille request with intenational documents.

"Every notary, whether experienced or not should consider taking this short 2 1/2 hour class, especially notaries at UPS or Mail Center stores, mobile notaries and notaries that work directly with the public!"