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When you register for a notary seminar with , you are automatically provided with many different options to prepare for your exam even before you attend the class!


1)      30-Minute Notary Study Guide  (Preview here)


This guide is a highly condensed version of the material that will be presented during the seminar. It is presented in an easy-to-understand format and can be the perfect tool for those with a busy schedule and want a great introduction to the information that will be covered during the seminar.

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 2)      A full version of the Pre-Seminar Notary Study Guide (Preview here)


This Pre-Seminar Study Guide is the entire notary seminar in print and is presented in an outline format. It is the same guide that will be used during the seminar except that it does not include the sample exam in the back or some sections that we will use to check your understanding throughout the day. It is comprehensive and is worth the time to review if you want a more thorough review before attending the seminar.

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3)      Unlimited access to our Notary Video Course for now and even after your notary seminar (Preview here)


Some people prefer to learn by watching a presentation rather than by reading and if that is your best way of learning, you do not have to wait until the day of the seminar to begin. You will have complete access to our special Notary Video Seminar which comes with an additional 17 sample exams covering each video. It is presented in a completely different manner and order than our actual live seminars which make this presentation a great secondary experience. Think of this as two seminars for one price!

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4)      5-separate notary sample exams aside from the 17 exams included in the notary video course (Preview here)


We have created 5 additional sample exams for those who really want to dig in. They will test your current notary knowledge without presentation. This is an excellent resource for re-commissioning notaries who want to see if they should take the 3-hour course or the 6-hour course. No one will know how you do on these exams but you!

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5)      A host of practical video tutorials to help you with exactly how to complete your notary work when you are in the field. (Access here)


We even help you after you pass the notary examination and become commissioned. When you want to brush up on how to perform a function, you will be able to access our video library and review even before you go to your client. Combined with our Notary Support Hotline for those who purchase our Gold Notary Package, you will see that will treat you as a member of our community.

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