Notary Video Course

California Notary Exam Prep Instructions

State approved 3-hour video course

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If you do not want to take the notary exam later but just want to learn about notary law for California, you may use this video course. The stand-alone cost for this course is only $30.

if you do not want to take the 3-hour live seminar with us (1pm-4pm), but you want to take the notary examination, you may use this notary course to study on your own time by watching these videos in any order you like. We do not track your actual study time but to receive a Proof of Completion, you will need to sign an affidavit that you have spent the required number of hours in preparation.

The state notary examination may only be taken in person and is a proctored, closed-book exam consisting of 30 questions, multiple choice. A passing score is 70% or above.  You may choose take your state notary examination at any of our seminar classes by registering for and attending the one-day seminar or by registering for the seminar and arriving at 4:00pm for the exam only.



 Purchase this notary video course now- $30.


Taking the Notary Exam

In order to take the notary exam, you will need to submit to the testing proctors at the exam site a signed "Proof of Completion" verifying that you completed a state-approved approved notary course.  If you are taking our live notary seminar 9am - 4pm, you will automatically receive the Proof of Completion just before taking the notary examination. If you are not attending the seminar but want to use this course instead and then take the state proctored notary exam without attending the seminar, you will need to request a Proof of Completion for this course by calling us at 909-915-1201. Our administration cost to prepare the Proof of Completion is $10.

If you want to take the exam at one of our many seminar locations, you must pre-register for that location by calling 909-915-1201. The registration cost is only $39.95 since we deduct the cost for this course and the Proof of Completion. .

 What if I decide to take the seminar and exam? 

The cost for taking our live notary seminar is $79.95 and includes the Proof of Completion, all study materials, pre-registration for the notary exam, the notary application which will be completed during the seminar. That fee also includes full and complete access to this video course, all of our on-line sample notary exam questions, our notary learning on-line games, full text study guides including our newest 30-minute study guide text,  and the PDF of the Secretary of State's publication California Notary Handbook.





  If you want to take the notary exam only at one of our many locations, please find a date and location that is convenient for you and call us at 909-915-1201 M-F 9am-5pm to pre-register for the exam.