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This course is free for anyone who registers for our 6-hour or 3-hour live seminar. If you have already registered for a notary seminar and want to use this course as a free study tool, or just come back to this course when you have questions even after you receive your commission, log into the Student Services link.

PURCHASE THIS COURSE - You can also purchase this option as a stand-alone course for $79.95- no seminar attendance is required. The state notary exam must be taken in person at a state approved notary exam location. If you have purchased this course, you may pre-register to take the exam with us by calling 909-915-1201.

This course is self-guided and consists of 18 videos. The videos  can be started and stopped at any time, viewed in any order and each video has optional sample questions covering the video's topic. Then print out an affidavit, sign and sumbit. We will send you a Proof of Completion that you will need for your exam.

If you want to take the notary exam later at one of our seminar locations, call us to register first. Arrive at 3:45 pm.



The state notary examination may not be taken online. All notary examinations are proctored and are a closed-book exam consisting of 30 questions, multiple choice. A passing score is 70% or above.  You may choose take your state notary examination at any of our seminar classes by registering in advance. If you are using this video course to satisfy your education hours (6 hrs or 3 hrs), and you also want  to take the exam at one of our seminar locations, please call us at 90-915-1201 so we can register you for the exam. You may register at any time before the seminar date depending upon class availablity. 

You can also choose to take the exam directly with the state examination proctors but you will need to schedule your exam with the state at least 20 business days in advance. Thier exam dates and locations can be accessed here.

 Log in here to take this notary video course for free  if your are already registered for a notary seminar.

 Purchase this notary video course now- $79.95.

Taking the Notary Exam

In order to take the notary exam, you will need to submit to the testing proctors at the exam site a signed "Proof of Completion" verifying that you completed a state-approved approved notary course.  If you are taking our live notary seminar 9am - 4pm, you will automatically receive the Proof of Completion just before taking the notary examination. There is no extra cost for this Proof of Completion certificate. If you are not attending the seminar but want to use this course instead, you may take the exam with us for an additiional registration fee or at a state proctored notary exam location. You will need to take your Proof of Completion to whichever exam site you choose. Request a Proof of Completion for this course by calling us at 909-915-1201. 

 What if I buy this course and then decide to take the seminar and exam later? 

If you have purchased this course on its own for $79.95 and later choose to attend our live seminar, we will credit the cost of this course so you will have already paid for your seat! Just let us know that you have changed your mind and as long as we have room, we can put you in the class.

Purchase this notary video course now- $79.95. You will have the option of taking the 3-hour notary video course if you qualify (recommissioning notaries only) once you make this purchase.

Video Content 6-hour course (3-hour course has same content but shorter and more condensed videos).

Video 1- Meet your instructor & how to apply
Video 2- The notary commission & types of notaries
Video 3- Filing the oath and bond & address or name changes
Video 4- The notary journal
Video 5- The notary seal
Video 6- Essential basics
Video 7- Verifying identity & proper identification documents
Video 8- Using a credible witness procedure for identification
Video 9- Minimum requirements for notary journal entries
Video 10- Completing an Acknowledgment
Video 11- Administering a Jurat
Video 12- Subscribing witness procedure
Video 13- Signature by mark process
Video 14- Notary fees
Video 15- Conflict of interest definitions
Video 16- Suspension or revocation
Video 17- Possible fine amounts
Video 18- Criminal charges for notary misconduct

Conclusion and links to obtain your affidavit and Proof of Completion

  If you want to take the notary exam only at one of our many locations, please find a date and location that is convenient for you and call us at 909-915-1201 M-F 9am-5pm to pre-register for the exam.