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Additional information and instructions

An independent sales vendor essentially either already has or will establish his or her own marketing business for the purposes of marketing various third party goods and/or services. You will be providing sales and marketing services to through your business. simply becomes a client of your independent marketing services. It is important to realize that there is no intention of establishing an employee/employer relationship with independent sales vendors. We do not control your time for services or method of services. You will decide when you want to work, how you want to work and all other aspects of your business.

How to get started

In order to create a program that ensures accuracy and autonomy, if you wish to provide services to as an independent sales vendor, You will need to download and sign the Independent Sales Vendor agreement and W-9 form. Complete these forms and send them to us by fax (909) 388-1796 or by mail:
165 W. Hospitality Ln. Ste 10
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Once we receive your signed agreement, we will contact you to issue you a unique vendor number. You will need to have a way for those students who register as a result of your marketing efforts to refer to your vendor number in order for you to receive proper credit for that person. There are several way to do that.

Some examples of how to use your vendor number

You might develop business cards, post cards or flyers to advertise. If the contact phone number in your advertisement is yours, then you may take the registration on a form that you have designed which includes your Vendor number and fax that registration to us. This is one way to keep track of all of your registrants.

Another way is to include your vendor number on the advertisement using our phone number as the contact phone number but with instructions to refer to teh vendor number when calling. Should that caller register with us and he or she does refer to yor vendor number, we will record that registration as coming from you.

(Please note that you must advertise using accurate information about our program. We do not allow vendors to engage in illegal advertising techniques of any kind including. but not limitiied to unsolicited faxes, posting of flyers without permission of the owners or governing bodies, distribution of advertisements in parking lots or any other venue without proper authority or spam emailing. Failure to comply with our requirements will negate your business relationship with us and you will forfiet any monies due.)

Using a website

Perhaps the most popular way our vendors advertise is by utilizing a website. Many vendors already have thier own personal website and they simply put a special link from thier website to ours. This way, all advertising methods can drive traffic to your personal website with a link to ours.

If you wish to use a website, contact us so we can send the proper weblink to you. This weblink will have your vendor number included so that whenever someone enters our site as a result of going through your link, our system is notified and if that person registers, you receive automatic credit from our system.

If you do not have a website or do not know how to include a link, we can provide you with a website to use for this purpose.

h an indication to be sure to refer

The vendor number will also include a website address if you are intending to use a website for referrals.

For example, a unique vendor number will look something like the following:

If you are using a website for your marketing, simply use this link to send your referral traffic to


Contact us for your unique vendor number. We will forward you an agreement for payment and guidelines. Prepare your business cards, post cards, flyers, websites or advertisements. Use your weblink on your advertisements.


Your vendor number in this case would be "222823". Place this vendor number on any form you would create to have people register for our classes.

As a vendor, we will set up a web link for you to direct your possible clients. If you have a website, we will send you this special unique web link to put on your website. If you do not have a website, you may use our special vendor link. You do not need to have your own website as we already have pre-created sites for this purpose.

Advertise our classes by word of mouth, business cards, flyers, websites, weblinks or any other manner you believe to be effective. Our requirements are simply that all advertising is legal, always honest, never misleading and always accurate. For example, we do not allow our saless vendors to send out arbitary fax advertisements because this is an illegal advertiing method. We do not need to pre-approve your advertising methods or manner, but any Independent Sales Vendor that operates outside of our guidelines of integrity and full honesty will forfiet any future opportunites with us.