.Guaranteed to Pass the Notary Examination.

Here is how our Pass Guarantee works: No hassles .... no problems... you will pass the notary exam and we guarantee it!

If you register for and attend our 6-hour notary seminar and do not pass the exam the first time, We have a an enormous amount of study tools available for you to study for the notary exam at home, even before you attend the class including sample exam videos, downloadable study guides, online notary educational games, access to the entire 3-hr or 6-hr State Approved online study course and lots of quizzes and even more sample exams. Once you are registered for a class or a an online course, you will be able to access all of these in your Student Services/Login area. We make it super easy for you to pass the California Notary Exam the first time.br>
The Secretary of State will charge $20 to take the exam, but if after these attempts within 150 days of taking the initial seminar and same-day notary exam you do not pass the exam,

Our classes are fun, packed with information you need even after you pass the notary exam, easy to understand even if English is not your first language and our instructors personally care about helping you to pass the notary exam. Let us prove it to you. There is always live support available 9-5 M-F except for holidays so we are here when you need help.

It only takes one day to complete your requirements to become a notary in our live 6-hr notary seminars.  

Our Notary Seminars Include a LOT MORE than just a class!

Our $89.95 79.95 seminar fee gives you MUCH MORE than just a seminar!.
Once you register, you can log into the Student Services/Log-in link above in red letters and begin today...right now.

Your registration fee includes:

  • A FULL YEAR free access for to the entire online video course. This is NOT a recording of a notary seminar . it is a fully developed and independent set of 18 videos that covers the information in a format that is uniquely designed for online study. This is an awesome way to prepare before you attend the seminar.

    These videos play on Apple and Adroid devices as well as Microsoft OS and Apple OS computers. You can also choose to stream these videos from wherever you are...on your smart TV or even stream on-the-go and listen to the audio just like you listen to music or talk radio!
    Listen to the Notary Seminar
    Log in to student login at the top right side of any page to access these immediately after registering for your notary class.
  • A 30-Minute Notary Prep Study Guide to print and other printable guides;
  • Online Notary Practice Games including Notary Jeopardy, Flash Cards, Match and more.