Money-Back...Guaranteed to Pass the Notary Examination.
No hassles .... no problems... you will pass the notary exam and we guarantee it!

If you attend our 6-hour notary seminar and do not pass the exam, you will be able to retake the seminar and exam up to two additional times with us at no charge. If, after these attempts within 150 days of taking the initial seminar and same-day notary exam you do not pass the exam, and you have within that time period taken and passed the online pre-seminar quizzes with a score of 70% or more, you may request a full refund the entire amount you paid for your seminar as well as any notary supplies purchased from us during that time.

Our classes are fun, packed with information you need even after you pass the notary exam, easy to understand even if English is not your first language and our instructors personally care about helping you to pass the notary exam. Let us prove it to you. There is always live support available 9-5 M-F except for holidays so we are here when you need help.