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There are as many reasons to take the class in your home or office as there are individuals.

  • Many people learn faster with private instruction rather than in a classroom setting.

  • Some people learn best on their own and only need an instructor to answer tough questions or provide clarifiation of new concepts.

  • Receive the entire study guide immediately via email or download. We will give you up to 90 days to schedule your private class. The private class is strictly between yourself and the notary instructor. It is designed to greatly enhance the effectiveness of the overall self-study program by giving you direct and exclusive access to a professional notary instructor for up to two (2) hours as a part of your study program.

  • Taking a class with a private instructor for one hour a day (2 days) or two (2) hours in one day would allow you complete flexibity to have the private class guided by the instructor or by yourself with the ability to focus only on the areas of greatest concern to you.

  • If you do not already use SKYPE, it only takes about five (5) minutes to download and use. We have created a video below to help you set up Skype on your computer.

  • We are using the SKYPE technology to enable us to share content with you on your computer screen during the class. If you are uncomfortable with "face-to-face" imaging between yourself and the instructor, you will have complete control to turn off that feature using SKYPE.

What is required to become a notary public?

  • The California Secretary of State requires that every new notary applicant must complete a required educational class and exam:

    • A new notary comission requires six (6) hours of study which may be completed in a classroom setting or in private as a home study course.

    • If done in private, the notary applicant must state under oath that he or she has completed the full period of time on the study as required by law.

    • A currently commissioned notary seeking a subsequent four (4) year commission prior to the end of thier current commission may opt to take a there (3) hour refresher notary course either in a classroom or as a home study course.

    • Every applicant will submit an application accompanied by a "Proof of Completion" from a state approved educational vendor which states the state-approved course number whether the course was public or private.

    • Upon completion of the course, the applicant will need to arrange to take a 30 question mulitiple choice exam. The exam must be taken in person at a desigated state-approved location. There are many state approved examination dates and locations and we will assist you in finding one convenient for you. The exam must be completed in 50 minutes and the applicant must receive a score of at least 70% to pass.

    • Every notary applicant must submit fingerprints for a criminal background check. This is a requirement for each term of office and is required whether or not the applicant has previously submitted fingerprints for any reason. We can help you to find a fingerprint location which is convenient for you.


What is included in the private class?

  • Includes the same "Pass the Notary Exam Guarantee" as our live 6-hour seminar!
    • See details of the "Pass the Notary Exam Guarantee" below under the FAQ section.

  • A seat in one of our live class locations where you can take your notary exam.
    • The Secretary of State will require a check for $40 on the day of the exam.
    • We will have notary applications available on the day of the exam.

  • Your private notary class includes up to two (2) full hours of live instruction with a personal notary instructor via SKYPE right over your computer. Our instructors have years of experience in the notary field and most are also teaching the live notary seminar or loan signing classes.

  • You decide which areas of the notary or loan signing curriculum you want the instructor to focus on. If you don't know, we will guide you.

  • Both the 6-hour and 3-hour notary home study courses are approved by the California Secretary of State and satisfies the course requirements including curriculum required to become a notary public in the state of California.

  • This class includes the complete state approved text for the course.The loan signing course is the same course material that is used during the live loan signing class.

  • Once you have completed your course study, the office staff will mail you an original Certificate of Completion for your course. This certificate must be attached to your notary application to the State of California. If taking the loan signing class, this Certificate of Completion can be used for whatever purposes is required.

  • If you would like to transfer your private class registration to a live class seminar, you can do that at no extra charge.
    • Please see the FAQs below for transfers, reschedules and cancellations.

What steps will I need to take?

  • Register for your private class and think about which of the two options you might prefer:
    • Use the entire two hours of live instruction in one setting;
    • or take two (2) one hour of live instruction sessions at a time.

  • You may register for your private class without selecting a date for instruction for up to 90 days! ! This way you have immediate access to your study materials and will have plenty of time to decide if you want the instructor to guide you or if you prefer the instructor to follow your lead.

  • Download the study guide materials on your computer.
    • You may either print out the entire study guide, part of the study guide or simply leave the guide on your computer and make your notes and comments on a separate sheet of paper.

  • If you do not currently have SKYPE on your computer, download it and create a SKYPE account. It only takes about 5 minutes. It is not necessary to have a camera on your computer. You will need reliable internet which can be either wired or wireless.
    • See the video tutorial above for help in setting up a SKYPE account.

  • Go through your study course and prepare a list of questions or notate areas that you want the instructor to cover with you during your private notary class.
    • This course is designed for more those individuals who would benefit from a combination of private live instruction and self-study. If you choose, you may guide the instructor to concentrate on specific areas you would like to review for clarification, or, if you prefer, you may use the first hour of instruction as a course introduction and the second hour, scheduled later, to review any questions and clarify concepts. Flexibility is what this course is all about.

  • After your course is complete, follow the instructions provided to take your examination.
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Does your Pass the Exam guarantee apply for the Private Notary Class?

Yes! The Pass the Exam guarantee will apply to the six (6) hour course but you must then attend a live seminar class. There will be no charge to attend that class. Please see instructions below.

How does our "Pass The Exam" guarantee work?
You will pass the exam the first time and we guarantee it! If you do not pass, you may return to any live seminar of your choice absolutely free. That's hassles, no other requirements. Please do note that this pass guarantee only applies to 6-hour live seminar classes and the six (6) hour private notary class. Registration for the 3-hour class or other home-study courses waives this guarantee!
  • You trusted us to help you pass the exam and we will not let you down. You will pass, guaranteed! We really mean it! (This guarantee valid for all 6-hour registrations with a limitation of 2 returns per student.) Please also note that re-registration requires proof of non-pass and must be requested no more than four calendar days prior to the scheduled date.
What is the difference between the 6-hour and 3-hour private notary classes?
  • A new notary comission requires six (6) hours of study which may be completed in a classroom setting or in private as a home study course.
  • If done in private, the notary applicant must state under oath that he or she has completed the full period of time on the study as required by law.
  • A currently commissioned notary seeking a subsequent four (4) year commission prior to the end of thier current commission may opt to take a there (3) hour refresher notary course either in a classroom or as a home study course.
  • The private class allows up to two (2) hours of instruction by a notary instructor via skype for both the 6-hr and the 3-hr courses.
  • You choose what the instructor should focus on or we can guide you.
Can I still purchase the notary supplies package if I choose to take the private class?

Absolutely! At the time of checkout, you will be given an option to purchase supplies or you can call us at 1-800-873-9865 and we can help you right over the phone.

What is included in your Gold Package?

Our Gold upgrade supplies and services package is only $74.95 additional which adds your notary supplies & additional services including:

  • The latest technology for Notary Journals that use a true "Ink Free" thumbprint pad.
    • Zero % ink residue because there is no ink used!
  • A CD with the forms you need every day.
    • Fill them out on your computer and print or just print and fill them out later. Acknowledgments, Jurats, Grant Deeds, Homesteads, and many more!
  • Professional Notary Website, Email and Hosting
    • Every Notary or Loan Signer needs a web site and yours is already waiting for you at no extra charge! Choose a template and fill in the form and your web site is automatically created! This web site costs other notaries & loan signers $149.95 plus $4.95 per month but our students receive this absolutely free.
  • Free hosting of your personal notary web site.
  • A free listing on for 4 full years.
  • An unlimited supply of Notary forms CD with many of the notary forms you will need or want during your career including the required wording for Acknowledgment & Jurat forms.
  • Registration of our Notary & Loan Signer telephone hot-line for 4 years!
    • Most notary hotlines do not provide support for loan signing but we do! When you need help in the field or are unsure of how to handle a set of loan documents, our notaries and professional loan signers will assist you right over the phone!
  • A notary identification badge.

    Our Gold Package offers an incredible value at an additional $74.95 but this price is only available to our notary class students. All individual purchases must be at full price.
How do I become a Certified Loan Signer?

Loan signers are notaries who specialize in notarizing loan documents. Most mobile notaries become loan signers because of the lucrative potential within that part of the notary business. Loan signers are called upon to travel to homes or offices and obtain the signatures for lending documents.

Becoming Certified is essential if a notary wishes to be successful in marketing his or her services as a loan signer. Our Loan Signing Class includes the Certification exam and Certificate. The Loan Signing Exam is given on-line at your convenience in your own home or office. Our class fee includes two separate attempts at passing the Certification exam.

Do I need to register with the Secretary of State or fill out an application before attending the live class seminar?
No. All seminar attendees will complete their application to become a notary during the seminar. You will be automatically registered to take the state exam on that same day. There is no need to contact the Secretary of State or CPS prior to your seminar. All of this is completed automatically with your registration.
What if I change my mind and decide that I want to attend a live seminar class after I register for this private class?

We can transfer your registration to a live notary seminar class should you later decide that the private notary class will not work to your best advantage or you find that technical difficulties will make the private class too difficult an option. If you have not scheduled your class with the instructor via email or phone, simply call us and we will place you into a live notary seminar class of your choice at no additional charge as long as there is space available. There are no refunds for any reason but we will apply the difference you paid for the private class and the live seminar you are attending towards the purchase of notary supplies, notary seals and the passport photo taken at the class site. We can only apply the funds towards purchases.

For example: Suppose you have registered for the 6-hour private class at $159.95 and then choose to transfer to a live seminar. The cost of the live seminar is $69.95 which allows $90 to be applied towards the notary supplies. The Gold Package is $74.95, and the passport photo is $10, leaving a balance of $5.05 credit which might be applied to any other supply purchase.

The testing fee of $20 and notary application fee of $20 must be payable to the Secretary of State and we cannot apply overages to these fees or any other entity except for


What are the re-scheduling policies for the private classes?

If you have not scheduled your private class with an instructor and wish to transfer to a live seminar class with availablity, you may do so at no extra charge. However, if you have already scheduled a private class with your instructor and there is more than a 7-day notification for transfer or rescheduling, there will be a $30 reduction in the amounts to be credited towards other purchases. Please note that there are no refunds for any reason whether or not an instructor has been scheduled for your private class.

If you have scheduled a class with your instructor and wish to reschedule or transfer that class anytime between two (2) and five (5) business days prior to the day of the class, there will be a $30 rescheduling fee and a $30 reduction in the amounts to be credited towards other purchases. If you wish to reschedule the private class with ltwo (2) business days or less notification, the rescheduling fee will be $100 regardless of the reason for rescheduling a private class and transferring to a live seminar will two (2) business days or less notification will forfiet the entire private class fee and will require the full live seminar fee upon registration. Please understand that we have this strict policy because the instructor will have kept his or her calendar open for your class which means that the instructor cannot accept notary or loan signing appointments or other private students during that time allocated.

If, at the scheduled time of your class you are unavailable for contact via Skype, you may choose to proceed with the class over the phone; however, if the instructor is unable to proceed with your private class for any reason, the entire fee will be forfieted. There will be no credits and rescheduling will require a full payment. The cost to reschedule to a live seminar class will be $30 while the cost to reschedule a private classes will be $100. Please note that the instructor is prohibited from holding your private class over the phone if you are driving and that class must be rescheduled.

Finally, there will be no refund of any kind aside from the above agreement should you choose to not use the private instructor option after purchasing this course.

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