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Play the video above before taking this Video Sample Exam 1.

Exam 1 - The notary commission process and basic duties

Minimum residency requirements
Surety bond requirements
Foriegn language documents
...and much more

Take Video Sample Exam 2

Acknowledgments vs. Jurats
Notarizing falsified documents
Certifying a copy of a POA
Notary journals after a commission term
...and much more

Sample Exam 3

The Notary seal requirements

Resigning a commission

The 3-types of notaries

Selecting the notary act

Foriegn language clients
Thumbprint requirements
...and much more

Sample Exam 4

Identification documents
Credible Witnesses
Signature by Mark Witnesses
The Subscribing Witness
Subscribing Witness Jurats
Proof of Execution
...and much more

Sample Exam 5

Making fines easier for the exam
Falsifying journal records
Misdemeanors vs. Felonies
Advertising limitations with foriegn language clients
...and much more