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Notary Study Center

Sample Exam 2 - Available at Student Login
  • Acknowledgment and Jurats
  • Notarizing false information
  • Submitting notary journals
  • Certifying copies of journals
  • Required response times
  • ... and more
Sample Exam 3 - Available at Student Login
  • Foreign language documents
  • Certified language interpreters
  • Documents requiring witnesses
  • Filling out journal records
  • When thumbprints are required
  • ... and more
Sample Exam 4 - Available at Student Login
  • Identification documents
  • Using Credible Witnesses
  • Subscribing Witnesses
  • Proof of Execution procedures
  • Signature by mark procedures
  • ... and more
Sample Exam 5 - Available at Student Login
  • Making fines easy for the exam
  • Investigations by a peace officer
  • Advertising in a foreign language
  • Translating Notary Public
  • Immigration Consulting
  • ... and more

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