Recommissioning? You have three choices:

  • Take a 6-hr live course at one of our locations.
    This option is the fastest way to re-commission possible.
    Everything can be done on the same day. Our classes are never boring, always interesting and fun and you can complete your livescan, photo and exam all on that day. Our Pass rates are much higher for those taking the live 6-hour seminar.
Check your Knowledge here to see if you would be ready to take the exam today. We have an awesome Online Notary Course that is APPROVED BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE!
Check out a sample video of the Online Notary Course here.

If you select the Home Study Course, You can exchange it for the live 6-hr or 3-hr course any time without charge. You will also qualify to pre-register a seat for the notary exam at any of our seminar locations. Taking the course online instead of coming into the class takes longer, even if you are recommissioning. Here is why...

Fastest way to commission
EVERYTHING...ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHIHNG is done on the same day in our class.The ABSOLUTE FASTEST way to get your commission is to take the class in-person at one of our locations.

Really? How is that possible?
Look at the Home-Study Option vs. the 6-hour Live Notary Class Option.

  • Day 1- If you take your class at home, you must prove that you actually spent the entire time in the course.
    The Secretary of State requires that we track your time and activity with the online course so there is no way to get around the 3-hours or the 6-hours you will spend in the course.

    You will need to take the exam in-person, but with our classes, the proctors will be there for you do not need to make another appoiintment. Everything is done on the day of the class, you do not spend any extra time. One stop, one location.

  • Day 2- Online Course Option. Once you spend required hours at home to take the class, you will register to take your notary exam in-person.
    The state does not provide the notary exam must be in-person.

  • You will need to take the time to locate that date and location;
  • register for that exam;
  • drive to the site on the day of the exam and take the exam at that location. This can take several hours as others will not have everything ready to go and everyone must wait until all applications are in order, checks or money orders are accounted for and everyone has completed the registration process. In our live classes, all necessary applications and paperwork will be done before the exam proctors arrive.

  • Day 3- Since the notary application will not be processed until the live scan results have been submitted to the DOJ and the FBI, you will need to take another day to schedule a live scan and have it submitted.

    We do that on the same day, if you arrive in the morning for the 6-hour class. If you take the 3-hour class, and do not pass the exam, you will be required to take the entire 6-hour class anyway if your commission expires before you can retake the exam. That is not true with the 6-hour class.

  • If you really are interested in saving as much time as possible, and making the process super convenient, do yourself a big favor- don't take the class online...take the live 6-hour class. You can do everything...everything in one place on the same day! You cannot do that with an online course. If you want to take just the 3-hour class, you can do that but remember that some live scan companies will not be available in our classes in the afternoon so you may need to take a extra day for live scan.

    Both of our Live 3-hr and 6-hr classes are only $79.95.



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