Test Your Notary Knowledge

Each topic, has only 10 questions (except the topic on fines which has 25 questions). We will cover all of these topics during the notary seminar together so becoming familiar with these now is going to be a TERRIFIC resource for you on the day of the exam.

You do not have to do these in order, but you might try the easy levels first, then the more difficult ones.

Most of all, have fun and don’t get discouraged if you do not score well the first time you take these. The more that you do, the easier the exams become.

(1) Important Time Frames-
Level of Difficulty- Not too bad at all...We have 30 calendar days for most things; just pay attention to everything else.

(2) Different Types of Notaries Public-
Level of Difficulty- Might need an extra cup of coffee on this one.

(3) Witnesses for Signature by Mark-
Level of Difficulty- Moderately difficult but important information here.

(4) Potential Monetary Fines- Level of Difficulty-
Not too bad if you use the downloadable summary on fines (available just before questions begin.)

(5) Acknowledgments, Jurats and other types of notary acts- Level of Difficulty-
Put on your thinking cap for this one.

(6) Credible Witnesses and Subscribing Witnesses- Level of Difficulty-
OK...no question... this one is pretty challenging.



Test Your Notary Knowledge