Test Your Notary Knowledge

Test Your Notary Knowledge

We want you to pass the notary exam and our tests should prove to you that we know how to help you pass the first time around.

We have 4 notary sample exams here but there are many more in the online video program. The first 3 sample exams cover general notary knowledge and are given only on-line. Just like the real exam, these exams contain 30 questions and are timed for 50 minutes each. You will need a minimum score of 70% correct to pass which also mirrors the requirements of the real notary exam.

Sample exam number 4 is also on-line but is not timed. This exam focuses on Fees and Penalties.


Take the on-line exam number 1

Take the on-line exam number 2

Take the on-line exam number 3

Take exam #4 which focuses on "Fines and Penalties".