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FREE - "Show Me How" Video Tutorials

Quick "SHOW ME HOW" video references on performing common notary services in California and more. These video tutorials will help you with completing Acknowledgments, Jurats, Certifying a Copy of an original Power of Attorney, Using Credible Witnesses for Identification, How to handle someone who is signing a document with a mark instead of a signature, Filing your Oath and Notary Surety Bond and more.

All of these videos are FREE and available right need to register for a class. Video Practice Exams

FREE - Sample Notary Exam Video 1 of 5

The absolute NEWEST and BEST way ever to prepare for taking the notary exam is right here! A total of 5-sample exams, 50 questions all with video commentary by your instructor. One of these video sample exams are available right now for free without registration for a class, and the other four can be taken once you have registered. These video sample exams cover California notary procedures, journal entries, foreign language advertising, immigration notary services and a whole lot more. Try it out now - first 10 of 50 questions are on us! Recommissioning Notaries

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If you like flash cards, jeopardy, match, memory games and other online learning tools, this link is for you. We strongly recommend these electronic flash cards to help you memorize the fine amounts- they are the easiest method we know of for mastering these types of questions. Once you have registered for a notary class, you can access all of these online learning tools and games from your student services link at the top of almost any of our webpages. APN Loan Signing Certification Course

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Some people just like to read and we have a condensed 30-minute downloadable study guide which is an terrific way to prepare for your real notary exam. This Study Guide will give you an excellent and immediate impression of how well you understand notary legislation for California. Just register for a notary class and then log into your student area at the top of almost any of our pages to access this study resource.

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We have ONLINE Sample Exams for you to test your notary knowledge before taking the real state exam. If you would like to take some sample notary exams at home, you have these exams to choose from, but don't forget that there aere also a lot of exam questions in our 3-hour and 6-hour online video course which you can also access for free once you have registered for the class. Once you register for your class, you can access all of these sample exam in your student login at the top of almost any of our webpages.