Notary Supplies Detail

Basic Essential Notary Package

This package provides our essential notary supplies every California notary will need and use.

  • A Modern Professional Notary Soft-Cover Journal.
  • Thumbprint pad compatible with all Notary Journals.
  • A Notary Forms CD with form "fill-in" Acknowledgments and Jurats. Also included are many forms to give to clients such as Permission to Travel, Grant Deeds, Affidavits, Homesteads, Quitclaims, Certification by Document Custodian and much more.
  • 1- Notary Seal
  • A set of 2 wallet-size plastic PVC cards with all of the oaths a notary may be required to give for Credible Witness, Subscribing Witness, Jurats and more.

    Price: $54.95