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Notary Practice Workshop

Practice your notary skills …avoid having your notarial work rejected by an end user or the office of the County Clerk …build immediate confidence and avoid errors now! In this hands-on class, you will go through a host of hands-on notary processes in just a few hours. You should certainly take this course while you are waiting to receive your notary commission in the mail. Every student will have hands-on mock-practice with…

  • The proper signature and notarization of a Power of Attorney (Attorney in fact).
  • Using Credible Witnesses for identification.
  • Complete a Copy Certification by Document Custodian.
  • Complete a state-approved Certification of a Journal Entry.
  • Learn how to spot fake passports and other identification documents.
  • Complete your journal entries in actual notary journals from the beginning to the end
  • including obtaining thumbprints.
  • Practice using actual-size and shaped notary stamps on various documents including minimal space documents in order to keep them from being rejected by a county clerk’s office.
  • Practice the entire Jurat process including the use of the recommended oath or affirmation.
  • Complete a Jurat with an affiant statement.
  • Complete an Acknowledgment for California wording and complete Acknowledgments for out-of-state documents especially learning how to recognize when the out-of-state wording is acceptable or unacceptable.
  • Find out exactly what must be done when there is no notarial wording on the document and the client does not know what is to be done.

    Price: $75.00